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Young Man Embarrassed after Dancing with a Girl in Pool (Funny Video)

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This seemingly happened in Ghana, and yes, guys should honestly be careful when dancing in a pool with a young beautiful lady. A young man was left embarrassed after dancing in a pool and the lady left him, he just could not leave the pool.

He could not pull himself out of the pool, because his pole stood up… (This deserves a LOL)

A man got quite embarrassed after dancing in a pool with a lady.

Though his relationship with the lady is unclear, he however suffered an erection after grinding on the lady’s backside at the pool.

On seeing his huge pole standing up without shame to its host, the man fall back into the pool, which caused others to laugh. Watch the video below….


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What do you think of this funny video? If you’re the guy, what would you have done? Lol


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