Sad: This Young MAN Begs Police to “Waste” Him (His reason is touching)

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Sad: This Young MAN Begs Police to “Waste” Him (His reason is touching)

It may seem far-fetched or unbelievable, but this young man is asking the police, in his own words “to waste him”, because he’s not seeing anything good in the future.

A man who was arrested and confessed to being an armed robber and a ℜαρíšΤ suggested that police officer should kill him, and a video of him explaining why he thinks he should be killed has been released to the general public.

The young man, who gave his name as Adeniyi Ajayi, admitted that he breaks into homes to rob and he sometimes ℜαρεs his female victims in their homes after robbing them, asked the police to help him stop this life.

However, when queried about the number of women who have been his victims, he said he has only ℜαρεd three women, one a wife and another a house help. He denied the report that he has ℜαρε up to thirty (30) women.

Adeniyi, who is a Lagos State indigene, disclosed that he became worse after he came out of the Nigerian prison. He stated that he went to prison earlier after he stole a phone.

young man begs police officers to waste him

But things got worse instead of better while in prison, some other prisoners there asked him to join their gang when he is released, which lead him to commit more hideous crimes.

According to Ajayi, once he was released, he tried to make a decent living, but no one would help him so he has no option but to go back to a life of crime.

He said he became worse and started carrying guns, ℜαρing, and doing all sorts of rubbish to make ends meet.

The self-acclaimed ℜαρist and armed robber suggested that the police should “waste” him because he doesn’t want to keep causing problems for Nigeria and Nigerians. He further disclosed that the reason why he wants to be wasted is this, judging from his past experience, he knows that he’ll be worse when he returns from prison.

When asked what he means by “waste”, he said he means they should kill him.

Watch the video below.



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