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Today, I will love to review this amazing portal, www toxicwap com. www toxicwap com comes with a lot of amazing contents for their end users, giving users the ability to always get current toxicwap tv series instantly without stress.

This is a complete review of toxicwap com and how you can easily download games, Movies, Videos, HD pictures, Mobile apps, toxicwap series among many others.

The website describes itself using the following words:

ToxicWap is the most trusted and popular mobile download wapsite and website for all your free mobile download needs. www toxicwap com offers all her visitors, the very best full mp3 music, including your favorite TV Series and Movies in mp4 and avi format. Toxicwap also provides users with Android games, Android app store, high quality videos, funny videos and much more all for free.”

www toxicwap com
Here is the official homepage of www toxicwap com.
Follow the guide provided in this infographic (picture) and you can download anything you want from ToxicWap

The first time I heard about Toxicwap.com, I was 100% skeptical. Most of these wap sites are amazing but are so packed filled with ads that it becomes more annoying to navigate through the portal and get the content one is searching for. But my first and continuous visit changed my opinion entirely.

ToxciWap is an amazing Wapsite that provides you with available contents from all your favorite mobile TV Series, Music, Movies, Mobile Games, Ebook, Videos and most of your favorite wallpaper. It’s no doubt why www toxicwap com is one of the most popular portals in the world today.

Easy navigation has made toxicwap com more friendly and very easy to understand. You can now download updated TV Series movies to your mobile device and it automatically fits your smartphone screen.

Toxicwap com has a lot of features that have made it more outstanding than others, giving users the ability to download contents without restriction.

This wonderful portal has a simple and easy to understand interface, making users, first-timers and regular visitors the ability to locate and download the content of their choice.

How To Download From ToxicWap

This is one question so many people are eager to know. I have seen questions from forums, Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora, asking for guide on how to download from Toxicwap. Here’s it.

If you are eager to download games, videos, Mobile downloads, etc. What can I download on this wap site? And how can I download it?

You can download hundreds of thousands of content you want, including Toxicwap Music, Movies, Videos, Android Games and Apps, Wallpaper and EBooks.

Here on this page, I will be giving you complete guideline on how to do this.

How to Download Music on Toxicwap

  1. The first step to downloading Toxicwap Music is to visit the web page at www.toxicwap.com
  2. When the webpage loads up, proceed and follow thisguide. On this site homepage, you will see all categories of files you can download from.
  3. Navigate to the Music section, and the page will load up. On this particular page, you can search for the music by artist name or the tittle of the music. There are millions of available Music, including music in other languages.
  4. Once you see the music you want, click on the music title and follow the next step.
  5. Select were you want the music to be downloaded to. And the music file will start downloading to the location you choose in your phone.

How to Download Movies on Toxicwap

Here is how you can download Movies from Toxicwap, including the latest TV series for phones. One good thing about Toxicwap series is that it has contents for s40 phones, s60 phones, Java phones, Symbian phones, Android and iOS smartpones.

Take note that the Toxicwap Movies is uploaded only in .mp4 versions. Which means that you can only download Free Movies .mp4 of www toxicwap com movies.

  1. To download Movies from www toxicwap com, simply open any web browser, usually, I prefer using Chrome on Mobile. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Goto www.toxicwap.com/new_movies on the search bar of the browser, simply click on movies on the homepage
  3. On Toxicwap movies portal, you have the opportunity of searching for any movies of your choice, or you can use the pagination and scroll through different movies.
  4. When you see or come across any movie of your choice, simply click on “Proceed to Download” button, so you can easily download the movie.
  5. Take note that most times, www toxicwap com movies are shared in different sizes. This was done to make it eaiser for you to choose which version you want, and how many MB/GB of your data bundles / data packages you’re willing to use for the download.
  6. All you need to do, is to click on the one you want to download first and choose a folder you want to download the movie to. Once you have done this, the movie automatically starts downloading.
  7. You will see the download bar on your screen, although this depends on the browser app you are using.

How to Download TV Series on Toxicwap

Toxicwap com also have a section/category which is completely dedicated to Tv series. Which is called the Toxicwap Tv series. Follow this guide below to start downloading straight from the Toxicwap Tv series.

  1. Go to it homepage of this portal www toxicwap com, or visit the Toxicwap TVseries portal here ⇒ Toxicwap.com/TV_Series
  2. When you visit the toxicwap tvseries, you get to see hundreds of available TV Series, all you need to do, is simply click on the one you want. The better option is to use the search bar, and search for the Tvseries you want. Make sure you spell the name of the series correctly.
  3. When you have entered the name and click on Search, you will see lists of related TV Series that pops out, Click on the one you’re interested in watching.
  4. Select the Season you want to download, or you can choose to download the entire seasons.
  5. Scroll to the end of the page and you will see “Proceed to Download”, click on it to begin downloading.

How to Download Android Games/Apps

Follow this guide to quickly know how you can download Android games, Mobile phone applications from toxicwap com. It’s very easy and quick to use.

Honestly, the Toxicwap mobile game and apps category is sometimes hidden. But if you’re lucky, once you visit this site homepage, you will see the category.

  1. To download Android Games and Apps from this wap site,you have to visit the url Toxicwap.com
  2. When the portal loads up, among the list of categories displayed on the homepage, locate the Android Games and Apps section and click on it.
  3. When the game / App section loads up, you can choose to search for the game or Mobile application you want to download. Once you are able to locate it, simply click on the file format you want to download to start downloading the game or application of your choice.

How to Download Videos on Toxicwap

Toxicwap com has a section which is dedicated to videos ONLY. On this section, you get to see countless number of videos, including the following;

  • Music Videos
  • Old Music Videos
  • South African Music Videos
  • Nigerian Music Videos
  • Kenyan Music videos
  • Car Videos
  • Dance Videos
  • Funny Videos
  • Short Cartoons

Follow this guide to download Toxicwap com videos for free.

  1. Goto the site homepage or visit the Toxicwap video directly here ⇒ Toxicwap.com/videos
  2. From the option mentioned above, you get to choose which type of video you want. Click on the category of your choice.
  3. Better still, you can quickly search for the video you want to download, using the search bar.
  4. Click on the video once you are able to locate it.
  5. Click on download to start downloading the video.

How to Download Wallpaper On your Phone

This portal is one of the most amazing website where you can download countless of wallpapers on your phone, even if it’s Java phones, Symbian, Android or iOS device, it has the perfect wallpaper for you.

Available Categories to Download Wallpaper

• Search Engine – You can use the search engine to search for various wallpapers of your choice.
• Christian
• Anime
• Religion
• Anime
• Cars
• Love
• Games
• Nature
• Rasta
• Abstract
• Christmas
• Star Wars
• Game of Thrones
• Romance
• NASA Wallpaper
• Bumper Sticker
• Movie Wallpapers
• Desktop Wallpapers Utra HD Categories

To download the best and most amazing Wallpaper on your device, follow this guide.

  1. Goto the homepage of this portal.
  2. You can locate the Wallpaper section below the list of available categories. You can CLICK HERE to quickly navigate to Toxicwap Wallpaper section.
  3. Select the category you want to download the wallpaper from
  4. Click on the wallpaper you want to download to start the downloading process.
  5. Downloading wallpapers for your phone is 100% free.

Download EBooks

Another awesome use of Toxicwap com is to download e-Books. It’s amazing how many e-books are available for us to download. Simply visit the site homepage and you get to see where you can download countless numbers of e-books.