Shocking Video: Woman Begged Government Not to Take Her “son” the Python

Here is the Most shocking Video I have ever come across, a Life Python crawling around a Woman, and the Woman disclosed that she gave birth to her “son”, and Begged Wildlife not to take it away.

This Ugandan Woman, Who Supposedly Gave Birth To A Snake Has Shocked The Nation by saying she gave birth to It and that the Government should not take it away.

A Ugandan woman who supposedly gave birth to a python snake has become a hotly debated subject of the week in this Africa Country. The woman, who comes from the Local Government Area, Nakawuka village in Wakiso district was – understandably – said to have been quite shocked, after seeing officials from the Wildlife Authority come to take her ‘son’ away, which she gave birth 8 years back!

Other Bizarre News For You!!!

This disturbing news came after villagers had complained to Government officials that one Barbra was possessing a huge snake which would be dangerous to the community and can swallow a Young child or even a grown adult.

We got informed of how Barbra Nvannungi, the Mother of the 8 years old Python son, had denied officials from UWA to take the python she alleges to be her SON from her, and keep it in the Reptile sanctuary. Barbra cried infront of the officials, pleading to be with her son whom she disclosed is not dangerous.

When questioned, Barbra Nvannungi claims she gave birth to this snake in 2007, after the death of her husband who had left her pregnant. Barbra disclosed she has two kids, a girl and a boy (which is this snake in the video).

We discovered that the Girl is a Real Human, while the son is a Live Huge snake.

Here is What She Said

“I am the one who gave birth to him, he is my son and ONLY I can take care of him. A parent can’t fail to take care of her child,” she told Bukedde TV’s local Luganda news reporter, Agataliiko Nfuufu.

“I am asking that they let me be with my child,” she said while lovingly stroking the python, who is busy, moving round her Body.

Barbra disclosed that her husband, who is named Salongo Patrick Lubega passed away in late 2007 when she was pregnant and did not live to see his beautiful son and daughter. When asked who was a witness to her giving birth to her “son”, she disclosed that the only witness who can confirm that she gave birth to the python is her sister because she didn’t give birth in a hospital.

“When I was in labor and felt the pain, I went with my sister to find transport to take us to hospital, but the child came fast and I gave birth to him in a garden,” Barbra shocked News reporters saying she gave birth to her son in a garden.

“I also gave birth to his sister a few moments later,” she says. The sister, a girl is a human being, not a reptile.

Men Are Afraid Of Men

Speaking at length to news men, the woman disclosed that ever since the death of her Husband who got her pregnant, she has not been able to find another man as every man is worried that she will give birth to another snake.

“They are very much afraid of me,” she said.

“He” Needs Extra Care

The woman further disclosed that she cannot allow wildlife people to take her child to a zoo.

“I can’t go visiting him among animals, because he is a human being and Human being don’t stay with Animals,” she said.

When asked how she’s feeding him, She said that she feeds him more than 40 eggs on a daily basis and a chicken every two days.

She asked residents to keep calm, saying that she is taking proper care of her “child”. She even built “him” a house and says that he will not harm the locals!!

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