70 Current Wedding Gowns Designs En Vogue 2023

Wedding gown designs are designed to suit different personal preferences but lately, scrolling through Instagram feeds, you may likely think that wedding dresses all look more or less the same or at least have something in common creating a new trend.

Fashion designers have a subtle way of controlling our fashion direction year after year and as expected, bridal fashion designers have taken cues from runaways to create high-style moments just for brides.


  •  Cascading Shoulder Bows.

Your first thought will be- bows on wedding gown styles are nothing new, and yes, you are right, they’re not. But they did make an appearance in some unexpected places, featured in unexpected ways. We have been seeing them in a new dimension like having them streaming down shoulders—some dangled just to the elbow while others graze the floor. Cascading shoulder bow is a new trend we’re totally into!

  • More Bows!

That’s right. Seems to be a year for bows on wedding gown styles. Sometimes the bows are modern, sometimes edgy, sometimes graceful, but always romantic, the classic knot, fold, and tie are making lasting impressions everywhere — arms wrapped with bows, backs laced with bows, waists tied with bows; you get the idea.

  • Beaded Fringe Wedding Gown.

Fringe is a new fashion trend- well, it started trending more recently, and all ready-to-wear trends, tend to be precise it has obviously extended to bridal wear and we’re lovin’ it!

  • Cold Shoulder.

We’ve already shared some off-shoulder wedding gowns, and now we are going to tell you about another dress trend similar to that one: cold-shoulder wedding gowns. These are like off-the-shoulder ones but the point is that there’s a sleeve and the shoulders are opened, it looks very flirty!

  • Nude Illusion

Few years ago, we saw a wave of brides breaking from the traditional gown and daring to don bridal beauties such as coloured gowns in blue and blush as well as sparkling glitter gowns and bold floral prints. The early 2020s, while not straying too far from tradition, brides are exploring nude, sheer and illusion. Add an air of magic and mystery to your dress with delicate illusion details.


Wedding Gowns Designs
Wedding Gowns Designs
Wedding Gowns Designs
Wedding Gowns Designs

 Wedding Gowns Styles

Wedding Gowns Styles

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