Validity Of NOUN Certificates – MUST Read

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We all know one thing for sure, and that is, Ignorance is a complete disease, and as the adage goes, if you are not informed you are deformed.

What all persons should note is that NOUN certificates are of international standard.

The only difference which can be noticed between NOUN and conventional universities is their mode of studies.

Nounites are one of the best students in the society, and this is not just some crazy claims by the academic institution, but by certain educational authorities in Nigeria and Africa.


However, if you are among the lazy ones or type, you can’t and won’t be a successful student in the National Open University of Nigeria, mainly because it’s a do it yourself institution, where you’ll have to learn and do everything virtually by yourself, there’s no expo or cheating in exam hall, among others.

While in terms of studies,you take responsibilities for your studies, unlike in conventional academic institutions, where they mostly depend on lecturers for lectures.

Although a lot of students has raised unnecessary concern about the validity and acceptability of NOUN certificate.

One thing, however, should be clear and that is, NOUN is a well-recognised academic institution, which is owned and funded by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The institution is regulated by the National Universities Commission (NUC), just like other federal, State universities in Nigeria.

So all students who are about joining and registering for NOUN, should stop doubting the validity and acceptability of NOUN certificates.


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