Two Men Who Tried To ℜape Female Martial Arts Champion End Up In Coma

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This is one of the best news i have got to report here on Latest news reaching our news desk is that two men armed with knives had tried to attack a lone woman driving back from Penampang in Sabah, but met with their worst nightmares, as the situation took a turn for the unexpected.

According to a report coming from Kelab Info Malaysia Facebook page, when interviewed, the victim disclosed that she felt she was being followed by two men on a motorcycle when heading home. Subsequently she pulled over to let them pass, so she could go home in peace. However, instead of passing, the two men decided to stop and told her to roll down her car window.

At this point, the woman, identified as 20-year-old Alice Lien Hua on Facebook, decided to something unexpected. She alighted from the safety of her locked car and faced the two men who were armed with knives alone! This takes guts.

According to Alice, these two armed men demanded for money and when she couldn’t produce any for them, one man tried to drag her into the bushes while another headed for her car to grab her bag.

The good side of this story is that from this life-threatening situation, 20 Years old Alice Lien Hua gained the upper hand and didn’t only fought off her attackers, but injured them so badly, that they are now lying in coma in the hospital where they were rushed to.

According to Malaysia news reporters, these suspects were hurriedly taken to a local hospital in Luyang while the victim went to file a police report of the incident at the Kota Kinabalu police station which was nearest to the incident area.

When this news was shared online through the Kelab Info Malaysia facebok page and identified the victim, it went viral and was widely shared on social media that the woman in question was a former martial arts exponent who represented Sabah in competitions.

The victim took to her facebook page, where she asked her friends and followers if they think she would be charged for injuring the men, but instead of criticism, her facebook profile was filled up with praises for her gutsy self-defense.

“Macam ni yang kita mahu dengar! Penjenayah mampu ditewaskan!” [This is what we want to hear! A criminal who is defeated by his victim instead!”] one netizen commented on her question.

Others taking the medium to share their thoughts, highlight the importance of guys and Ladies, especially the Women in learning self-defense, since no one knows when they will be faced with dangerous situations like this.