Trendy Scuba styles- A Must Have In The Wardrobe Of All Fashionistas

Trendy Scuba styles. Neoprene\Scuba is a synthetic rubber that’s often used to make wetsuits, hence its alternative name “scuba.” It’s also used in electrical insulation and drum practice pads, but don’t let the industrial uses scare you off. Scuba has become increasingly popular as a material to wear on the street (not just in the sea) because many of the qualities that make it great for use in factories, like stain resistance and general durability, make it great for clothing, too.

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The fabric is thick and doesn’t breathe, making scuba a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and the thickness also allows for the creation of structured pieces that look out of this world.

The weight of scuba fabric also means form-fitting skirts and dresses are more forgiving. You’ll never run the risk that your bodycon skirt or tight leggings are accidentally a little bit see-through. The material is always opaque, and its resiliency means it doesn’t really stretch out.

Neoprene also holds photorealistic patterns well, so it’s not uncommon to see huge florals or intricate pattens splattered all over a dress. Did I also mention it’s incredibly comfortable?

If all these benefits of scuba fabric aren’t enough to convince you to buy all scuba everything, here are 70 pictures of trendy scuba styles

Trendy Scuba styles
Trendy Scuba styles

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