This Woman Broke the World Most Craziest Record in a day – FOR Adults ONLY

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Hey, be prepared to be amazed, and this is the complete reason why I decided to say that this content is for those mature enough.

One of the most bizarre records that this portal, https://africastatus.com/ have ever come across in recent times is this. A woman who holds the world record for sleeping with the most men in a single day. Yes, you read this right!

The record is held by United States actress Lisa Sparks, and her stage name is spelled as Lisa Sparxxx, who is said to have slept with 919 men in a single day (within 24 hours), hey, don’t let your jaw drop. She achieved the questionable feat in just 12 hours.

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Certainly, this news made headlines as this beautiful young woman, Lisa Sparks set this odd record on October 16, 2004, in Warsaw, Poland during the convention called “Eroticon 2004”. The actress took the challenge as part of the Third Annual World Group Intimacy Championship, where she was competing against two other women on who will be able to sleep with the highest number of men in a day.

World Most Craziest Record

She won the competition by sleeping with a total of 919 men over a period of 12 hours. In order to set the record, the men were only allowed to spend 45 seconds with the actress. One of the women she was competing against was the former world record holder who had šεχ with Seven hundred and fifty-nine (759) men in a day.

However, her closest rival during the competition was the previous champion. But Lisa Sparks proved she’s better equip and won the competition after sleeping with 21 more men that the person who came second.

‌Before Sparks’ questionable achievement, Polish actress Marianna Rokita held the record after sleeping with 759 men in one day.

Before Polish actress Marianna Rokita was crown champion, Klaudia Figura held the record after sleeping with 646 men in one day.

Here’s another surprising news! Despite having acted in more than 188 films, Lisa Sparks has been married since 1995 and is still with her spouse. Take that!


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