A young Man, who identify himself as Abbey, has taken to Social media, to share problem he’s facing through his sugar Mummy. Mrs Abbey disclosed that he is getting set to get married to his fiancee, Cathy, but he’s being threatened by his sugar mummy, Glory, who has vowed to make sure the marriage does not hold.

However, when this was shared on Poll, more than 47% Readers asked him to report the sugar mummy to the police if he wants to have peace of mind.

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Here’s His Story

My name is Abbey and I am a 28 years Old. I recently finished the University, and am about to get married next month to a beautiful Young lady. But it seems like that dream may go down the drain after an older woman I had an affair with, has vehemently vowed to do everything within her powers to sabotage my marriage plans and wedding.

Before you judge me, I believe you should hear me out first. I am not a chronic womanizer, but was connected with Mrs Glory by a friends who did the match making. It was at a party that a sugar mummy threw for Patrick, one of my best friends sometime last year, when I got to meet this woman who is turning a nightmare for me.

At the party, I found out that most of the women there were older, and when I asked Pat, he said he and some of the other guys were dating the women for the money and comfort they got. he regaled me on the advantages they got from the women from unlimited cash to cars, overseas trips and every imaginable comfort.

At the end of the day, My good friend, Patrick introduced me to Glory, a 52-year-old woman who had come to the party alone and I got to realize that she had actually come hoping to get a sugar boy, and sadly, it turns out to be me. Initially, I was happy, but unknown to me, that was my doomsday.

From the beginning of this relationship, I knew nothing would come out of the relationship apart from the $ex. Glory, I came to realized after associating with her for a long time, had been married four times to rich men and always found a way to get money from them anytime she got a divorce, and this seems to always make her rich.

She spend majority of her time in Abuja, so it became a ritual for me to travel to the Federal Capital almost every weekend and if I did not have the opportunity, she would fly down to Lagos state and meet me. She was insatiable in bed. But my constant travel made my fiancée, Cathy worried. Not to mentioned that I don’t have any reason for my disappearance every weekend. This put a strain in our relationship so much that I almost lost her.

To show Cathy I truly love her and not lose her, I proposed, went for introduction and set our marriage date. I don’t know how Glory got wind of my introduction and marriage date, but she vows to make it impossible for me.

She vowed that as long as she wants me, there is absolutely no woman that can Have me. I told her that I saw no future for us, not to talk of the fact that she already have grown up children and as young man, I wanted to settle down, but she would have none of that.

Since the time she got wind of my marriage plans, this Lady has been making life difficult for me and Cathy. She even went to the extent of calling my fiancee, and threaten Cathy she will harm her, if Cathy does not leave me alone. I have tried all I could to get her to understand that I don’t want again. But she is not moved or want to lose her hold on me. Honestly, she has the right connections to carry out the threats she has been making, and I wonder what her next step will be.

Please readers, is there any legal action I can take?


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