You Won’t Believe Where 2 Slay Queens Ended Up After Party (See Before & After Pics)

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   You Know that Social media is giving lots of persons Attention, and it seems that the group of People taking the most attentions in Social Media are slay queens! Latest information reaching our news desk today shows this two beautiful slay Mama in a Hotel room looking Beautiful and slaying!

However, Can you imagine where they ended up? These 2 slay queens end up in toilet after an all night party.


As you can see tell from the above description, these 2 ladies have a laughing stock online after a “before” picture show them grooving in a luxurious hotel or lounge, about to go into a club was shared by them on social… and an aftermath photo which showed their drunk self wasted on the ground, and not just on any ground, but a Toilet.

They both ended up in the toilet after an all night partying, puking all over themselves and the toilet.

slay mama down
slay mama down

What Do you think about this two Slay Mama’s been down after uploading the first pictures?