List of Science Courses to Study Without Chemistry in the University

 WHAT are the list of science courses to study without chemistry in the University? This is another huge question which required a lot of deep research, so I can be able to give you the right Answer. I just saw someone asked this question on a comment section of this article -> JAMB Subject combinations for all courses. So instead of replying him there and some readers who may also be facing this challenges failed to see it, I decided to Make it a Post.

Here is the question: pls what course can i study without chemistry in 0’level result?

Here is my Honest reply. You may have failed Chemistry in your 0’level result or it’s your weakest point, so you may totally decide to ditch it for other interesting courses in Science. Here are some Interesting Science courses which does not require chemistry.

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List of Science Courses that Doesn’t Requires Chemistry

  • Computer science
  • Surveying and geoinformatics
  • Optometry
  • Biomedical science (Some Tertiary institutions require chemistry and some don’t)
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Radiography
  • midwifery
  • Human sciences
  • Forensics

Important Information

You can consider going for any administrative courses, since they don’t need Chemistry.

Possible Schools and Courses That Accept a Pass in Chemistry

Agricultural education- mouau
Biology – ntnu
Mathematics – uniosun
Physics – In the University of Calabar, you are required to pass through their remedial in year one.

Candid and Honest Reply

You should fully be aware, that as long as you don’t want to go into chemistry or biochemistry, Several Science courses doesn’t need Chemistry. However, the only downside is that Some Academic institutions requires you study it during your fresh man year (1st Year)

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