Who does not know about the beautiful ladies of Tanzania? Another beautiful lady emerging from Tanzania is named Sanchoka. A Tanzania named Sanchoka, who is also popularly called Sanchi, is a naturally endowed black woman who has chosen to proudly display her hmmm on social media to attract followers, and it seems like her plot is working, as she is one of the most followed Tanzania on Instagram.

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Truth be told, Sanchoka is one of the most beautiful African ladies on social media, and she usually uploads beautiful photos to thousands of followers, with her back-side as the selling point, which makes guys go crazy for her always.


Sanchi as she is popularly known as a model and an entrepreneur who runs a small scale company named the Golden Eyes Traders LTD. This beautiful Africa Woman boasts of 80,000 followers on Instagram while she only follows 182 people.

Want To see these pictures? ehh, please know that they are hmmmmm photos.

Above is a picture of Sanchoka in a beach, where we guess she got all her tan from, making her skin looks beautiful as always.

Using the sun as a background light, this is one of Sanchoka most beautiful and artistry photos.

As you can see, this is Sanchoka bathroom selfie, and seriously, I would love to see more.’


Hope from these pictures shared above, you get to understand why Sanchoka is one of Africa’s treasure.

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