Make Up to $20/Hour Teaching English Classes Online in 2019

We all English is one of the most popular Languages ever, which makes it quite important for other non-English speaking countries to tutor their Kids in school on how to appropriately Speak and structure good English. Teaching English online, instead of actually travelling overseas, is another great way for any native (or even non-native) English … Read more

Work from Home for Netflix: Netflix is Now Hiring for 2019

You certainly must have heard of Netflix, or wait, you are probably using it, or you’re an active customer of this wonderful and idea company. Are you aware that at the same time, you can work for Netflix right from the comfort of your Home? Are you interested? If you’re familiar with children’s TV and … Read more

The Best Paying Work At Home Jobs in 2019

How many times are we going to see this list and not feel as if it’s not credible? Today, I will be writing on the top best paying work at home jobs, which is available for everyone who is interested, and you should know that this list is pulled from Forbes. Across age groups and … Read more

The Nigerian Police Salary

Do you want to know the Nigeria police force salary? What is the Nigerian Police Salary? The Nigerian police are been paid with Tax payers Money, which is why, countless times, the police in Nigeria always says that the Police is your friend. The main duty of Police Force in Nigeria, is to ensure that … Read more

Oil Companies Worker Salaries In Port Harcourt, Rivers State

If you are asked this question, what will be your honest reply? Would you choose to work in an Oil Company or in another profession? Honestly, as a Nigerian, you will certainly scream “YES”, surprisingly, this is my answer today. This is because Nigeria as a country totally depends on Oil, and the most successful … Read more

Doctors Salary in Nigeria – Medical Doctors Salaries in Nigeria

Given the strenuous and tough tasks/responsibilities that rely on the shoulders of an average doctor in Nigeria, it shouldn’t be surprising as to why they should have their earnings on a totally different salary scale and structure. Being a doctor in Nigeria is not easy, starting from the grass root, getting JAMB required score, passing … Read more