Regina Daniels siblings Names

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Regina Daniels is simply the King of Teen superstars in Nigeria, and she is absolutely stunning. However, there are quite a lot of controversies surrounding Regina Daniels siblings, Her mummy and movies.

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The simply truth is that almost everyone in Nigeria has probably heard about Regina Daniels, a young, established Nollywood star. She is only 16 years old, but has already achieved more than most people even dream of in their entire life. In addition to her achievements, this Teenage star has a beautiful family and five siblings! So let’s take a look at Regina Daniels’ family background, and get you more detailed to know her brothers and sisters.

regina daniels siblings name

Regina Daniels Profile

I will write a short profile on our teen beauty Queen Here.

According to her correct Biography, Regina was born on the 10th of October, 2000 in a loving home, here in Nigeria. She is the fifth child in the Daniels family. The last name ‘Daniels’ may actually sound familiar to Nigerian Movie fans, because Rita Daniels, who is a famous Nigerian actress is her mother. As at the time of writing this article, Rita Daniels is the Chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria in Delta State.

regina daniels

Fast-forward to 2007, a child was on her way to stardom. Regina expressed the desire to be as her mum career wise. However, she got her first movie role three years later (Yes, she waited three years before she acted her first movie, but some persons will say something different). Over the years, right from acting in her first movie and now, her fee went from ₦10,000 (Ten thousand Naira) to a whooping ₦500,000 (Five hundred thousand) per movie. Apart from being an actress, she is also a Movie producer. So far, she has produced two films, Twins Apart and The Jericho. To read her full biography, Click Here.

Regina Daniels Siblings

Regina Daniels Siblings pictures

For those who are not aware, Regina is the fifth child in her family. She has three older brothers and two sisters, one of which is the oldest and the other is the youngest out of all Daniels siblings, which insinuates that Regina has six siblings. Regina often shares her family photos on her social Media verified accounts.

The eldest sister, Ifeoma Daniels (@ifeomadaniels01) is a grown woman who is currently married and has a child. While the second oldest is a male, named Emmanuel Daniels, and he likes to keep things private, So I can verify his instagram account.

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The third child is named Lawrence (@sweezzy1), while the fourth is named Samuel (@realsammywest). Both Lawrence and Samuel Daniels are in the music industry. Samuel makes the beats, while his elder brother, Lawrence provides support. Sammy is also a student of Ambrose Alli University.

regina daniels siblings name

Hello? Yes, I won’t jump the fifth child, who is our darling, Regina Daniels!

The youngest child is a girl named Destiny Daniels (destinydaniels01), actually, Destiny is cool and has lots of instagram followers, thanks to her big sister. At the publication of this article, Destiny has more than 51,000 Instagram followers and is still in school. The truth is that Regina is lucky to have such a wonderful family. From the pictures she shares, it is obvious that they all love each other very much.

One thing is certain, and that is, the Daniels family is talented, because they have both actors and musicians, and I promise to keep up with their success story.


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