Regina Daniels #10YearsChallenge Photo Proves Everything

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Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels 10 years challenge proves everything! How many times have we forgotten that this child grew in our own eyes?

It seems some persons have decided to forget these small details.

Well, the trend which took the world, #10yearschallenge, which the Nollywood diva joined, of course, proved everything we seem to have forgotten!

Regina Daniels #10YearsChallenge
Regina Daniels #10YearsChallenge

Regina Daniels and actor Emmanuel Ehumadu Totolos decided to recreate a photo they took 10 years ago.

The initial photo was taken in 2009 when Regina was about 9 years old. However, to take part in the 10-year challenge, they recreated the same photo, same posture, and everything.

Now, how many people want to argue the age of Regina Daniels?


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