Are you going on a first date, or planning on going one with your crush? Then this is the perfect guide for you.

The first date you’re going on with a lady, is usually nerve-wracking, scary and same time makes you excited, especially for the nice guys who aren’t players. Most times, several questions usually pop up in your mind during the first date with a beautiful lady, Most times, you’re asking these questions to get to know the lady better, but they’re harmful and can destroy the chance you’ve never even got with them.

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Well, on a first date, there are certain questions you should try your possible best to keep for another day, and focus on a normal conversation that will ensure you get another date. Before you start asking personal questions like the ones mentioned below, there should be a level of closeness between you first, not some random questions that make a first date look like the father, questioning a daughter.

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Below are the questions you should not ask a lady on a first date.

1. ‘What Happened To Your Previous Relationship’?

This is one of the deal breakers of all first dates. Why do you want to know what happened to her last date, when she is obviously trying to create a new one with you? I don’t understand why some guys ask questions like this on the first day with a lady. These types of personal questions will definitely make a Lady feel uncomfortable with you and around you. Focus more on a normal and neutral everyday conversation rather than an interrogation. If she wants you to know about her previous date, she will tell you.

The #1 mistake guys make on a first date, is interrogating a lady, you’ll make her feel cornered and feel like you’re judging her. Therefore, what you should focus on is establishing a connection with her. Once you have this connection, every other thing will play out naturally.

#2. ‘Why Are You Still Single’?

This is among the top list of questions guys ask ladies on first dates that I simply can’t wrap my head around. There are certain things that should have been left unsaid.  Among my list of questions NOT to ask a lady on a first date, this is among the worst. This question may be very innocent and you’re having a good time, and asked this question well intended, but the lady may take it personally. Trust me, it could ruin the date for you.

3. ‘How Many Men Have You Slept With’?

Well, this is my personal Worst Question of all time. How would you feel, if a lady asked you how much you’ve made? The truth is that asking a lady how many s#xu@l partners she has slept with, is not cool.

However, you can listen if they decide to tell you their past love experience, but don’t ask her these types of questions, especially not on the first date.

4. What Do You Think Is The Future Of This Relationship?

This is another premature question ladies expect from Children and not Men. Another question you should not ask a lady on a first date is about the future of the relationship. Dude! you guys are on a first date, and she’s trying to see if she wants to be with you. Asking questions like this, makes you look creepy, and girls dislike Creepiness.

The truth is that when the connection and flow is there, both of you will feel it, and there will be no need for questions like these, It makes you look anxious and clingy, and personally, I don’t like clingy people.

5. How Much Money Do You Make?

Guy, this is one of the most unnecessary questions you can ever ask. Are you trying or planning to dupe her? Continuously beg her for money when you guys start dating? Are you jobless or have a gambling problem?

These are the types of questions that will run through her mind when you ask similar questions about her personal wealth. Don’t go asking a lady how much she makes when you barely know her, it’s an intrusion of privacy. This will send the wrong message that you are just after her money.

However, if she decides to be open with this, you can listen to her attentively, and chimp in advice when it’s totally necessary. But you should not be the one to raise her financial status topic.

These are the 5 questions you should not ask a lady on a first date.

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