Ladies: SEE Shocking Side Effect Of Postinor 2 (Drug For Prevention of Pregnancy)

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Ladies: SEE Shocking Side Effect Of Postinor 2 (Drug For Prevention of Pregnancy)

You must have heard of Postinor 2 right? For those of you who are not aware of what this drug is, here is a definition.

Postinor 2 is a drug that is used for the prevention of pregnancy by Young girls all over the World. Although the producers of these drugs say it is 100% safe, we know that there must be some negative effects, it has on the body.

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When I saw three packets of POSTINOR 2 with a very close friend of mine, I was very curious to actually know if this drug had some severe side effects for the girl whose taking it, and am amazed to see the shocking effects of this pregnancy prevention drug.

side effects of postinor 2

What is Postinor 2?


Postinor 2 is a medication that is primarily used in the prevention of pregnancy. If you allowed the sperm into the ovary, whether intentionally or not. It is believed to prevent pregnancy 95% if taken within the first 24 hours after intercourse. Mostly, Postinor 2 is used as a form of emergency contraception (more commonly known as a morning-after pill).

Postinor-2 is built to work in a similar fashion as the female hormone progesterone, allowing for the prevention of pregnancy if taken within a reasonable period of time. However, the maximum time you are allowed and the recommended time to take the Postinor-2 is less than three days after having unprotected sεx.

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  1. After all the amazing reviews, here are some of the side effects of this drug. When taken in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the preparation may inhibit ovulation, which is considered moderating dangerous.
  2. This morning after pill is able to cause changes in the menstrual cycle in the lady who took this drug. Your next period could start earlier or later than expected and flow can be lighter or heavier than is usually normal.
  3. This pill has the ability to cause nauseating feeling which occurs in approximately 25% of users of this drug vomiting.
  4. It has the ability to bring about bleeding disturbances in some cases, 2-3 days following tablet ingestion.
  5. In some cases, though few reported ones, this drug may cause breast tenderness, headache, dizziness, fatigue in the user.
  6. In several reported cases, the next period usually starts as expected or somewhat earlier, if the period is more than 7 days late, we advise you to go for a pregnancy test.
  7. In case of prolonged or heavy bleeding, gynaecological examinations are advised and highly recommended. Please your health is much more important than trying to hide a pregnancy.
  8. If the user has a reported case of asthma, heart failure, hypertension, migraine, epilepsy, renal impairment, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, depression, and/or stroke, the preparation may be used exclusively in the above-mentioned emergency cases. it is not appropriate for the regular ingestion of this medication.

Best Time to Take Postinor 2.

The producer and manufacturer of the emergency contraceptive disclosed an important message to all users.

According to the manufacturers, the efficiency of the pill is determined by the time you ingest it, after unprotected sεx.

When taken as directed, it has a higher percentage of prevention of pregnancy. So logically speaking, the longer the interval between unprotected sεx. and taking the pill, the decrease in how effective it will be in the prevention.

So from estimation, Postinor-2 is capable of preventing 85% of expected pregnancies. While 95% of expected pregnancies will be prevented if taken within the first 24 hours after having unprotected sεx.

What do you think about this drug? From these shocking effects, do you think it is too bad or not that dangerous for intake? I would love to hear from you through the comment section.

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