It’s funny how relationships work, right? Wait, but if you’re asked what is the major cause why your previous relationship broke, the reason may not be as bad as it was.

However, today, I want to share with you, the best and exact Recipe on how to be the Perfect Nigerian Girlfriend!

Here on this blog, I’ll be spilling the truth, and I sincerely hope that you choose to see the truth in it. This is Nigeria and here’s how this relationship of a thing works now.

Attaining the perfect Nigerian girlfriend status is not a day’s job. However, there are a few pointers to help guide you in the right direction to attaining this status.

perfect nigeria girlfriend

1. You may be the side chic or main chic.

One thing most girls love doing is trying to be a detective and focusing on just being the main chic. Sis, don’t try to find out which. In all honesty, it rains everywhere sis, just take a moment, and bless the Lord you have a man. It’s cold out here is.

2. Your body count.

Make sure that your body count is not high. No born and bred Nigerian guy feels comfortable with a girl with a high body count. Anything more than 3 and they automatically places you are in the “Hoe” category and that automatically cancels you out of the “Wife material” category. Yes, no matter how tough a guy seems outside, they want someone with less body count.

3. Don’t be Attention-Crazy.

Here’s another place that Nigerian girls are getting it all wrong. Men are not wired as women. The attention span your friend’s significant other is giving her, should not be the same barometer you’ll use to judge your man.

Always be OK with whatever amount of attention your man gives you.

Don’t stress that man, sister. You should know that there’s probably a queue of girls waiting to take your place. If he calls once every blue moon, just thank God you have a man for the time being. Or till you find someone who does it better.

4. Freaky-Freaky.

No, I don’t want to discuss Mr. Macroni today (lols). But in all seriousness, you need to be a freak in the sheets sis.

With limited experience, you need to have a sort of ℘οℜn-star rated skills in bed, sis.

5. Always Building on his insecurities!

Here is where most ladies get it wrong. Yes, no man loves a lady who nags, even if she has 99% of the quality to find attractive in a woman.

This is the secret why some beautiful, endowed women always get dumped, no matter how “good, freaky, hot, wealthy”, they are. Sis, you should ensure you don’t talk about things that annoy you or things that your man keeps forgetting.

That’s nagging sis, and nagging makes you a Lil witch in a man’s world.

6. Marriage Talks.

Hey, don’t come on strong on as a desperado. Let’s say the truth here ladies. Any man who comes on too strong on you, you’ll always be cautious around him, right? The same goes for the guys.

Don’t expect marriage, don’t even talk about it to him, or else, you’re giving him a better edge to control you.

If he wants marriage, then good for you and him. If he doesn’t want it, just pray for him. But I’ll advise you, NEVER put pressure on your man. He is a young man still enjoying life. Use the numerous discussion you guys have, and judge his future plans whether you’re in the picture.

7. Be a good cook.

Do you see all those twitter feminists? Most of them keep their men constantly well-fed. Don’t follow all that stretchy advice from women who are bitter or ARE YET in a serious relationship or married.

The truth is that the road to a man’s heart is still through his stomach. If another girl happens to find that route, its time to Knock her out.

8. Have money for PS4. Be rich.

Well, as you are already aware, now is not the 80’s where men are expected to be right. You should have money to afford better gifts for him. Be rich, but not richer than him, he is the man remember?

9. You’re a Feminist, right?

Well, I’ll hit you with the truth… the painful truth. I hope you’re aware that feminism ends on Twitter right?

It’s all bants, you need to know your place as a woman in a relationship. The man is the man in the relationship and not the other way around.

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