Regina Daniels Siblings Pictures and Names

regina daniels family members

So, who exactly are Regina Daniels siblings? Well, one thing is certain, and that is, Regina Daniels is not afraid of putting their pictures on her gram. Gram is short for Instagram. I guess your next question is: How Many brothers does Regina Daniels have, and how many sisters she also have, right? Well, for … Read more

Here’s WHY this Photo and the STORY Behind it will Get You Angry

Underage Boy Marries Underage Girl

This should have been a human rights advocate issue, involving the Nigerian Police Force and well-meaning Nigerians in power. Because a wedding photo, which usually brings joy and happiness to people, did exactly the opposite, as People have expressed outrage after photos of an underage ”couple” were shared online. Recommended: 7yrs Young Girl Declared Missing! … Read more

7yrs Young Girl Declared Missing! Where She’s Found Made People BURNT the PLACE DOWN (Pics and Videos)

young girl found dead

We all know that the world is getting riskier for children, but this particular story makes me angry. A seven-year-old girl, who’s named Demilade Fadare, was declared missing on the 6th of December at Adehun, Ado Ekiti. Sadly, she has been found dead, but the story surrounding her demise got everyone angry and ready for … Read more

Rahama Sadau Celebrates Her 28th Birthday Today! by Sharing Beautiful Photos

rahama sadau happy birthday photos

I don’t think there’s any actress in Kannywood more popular than Rahama Sadau. She’s written her name outside Arewa movies and has been featured on popular TV news channels like CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, etc. Today, December 7th marked a milestone for the Kannywood actress, because it marks her 28th birthday! Taking to her official Instagram … Read more

Lecturer sets Examination for Female Student in an Hotel – and the Girl is a HERO

sexual harrassment in Nigerian universities

So many times, randy lecturers like these make the Nigerian education system looks so bad, that the lecturers NEVER let their own children attend any Nigerian higher institution. The poorest of them prefer sending their kids to school in Benin Republic. Are you shocked? A Kwara State University (KWASU) lecturer has been arraigned in court … Read more