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You can now download the NOUN school of Agricultural Science study materials, using the materials to enhance your knowledge and broaden your horizon, placing you ahead of your colleagues in other academic institution in Nigeria.

The National Open University of Nigeria team #1 goal for the year 2016, is to ensure that all students of the Tertiary institution are respected in the country and diaspora.

Once again, i would love to rehash it here, that the senate of the National Open University NOUN doesn’t support and highly interdict the selling or publishing of these coursewares on any handouts without their consent.

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Anyone who is caught selling or using this materials for financial gains will be sued and if found guilty, will be punished severally by the law, this noun school of agriculture sciences study materials is created specifically, for students of NOUN, studying agricultural science.

Important Information

Is is wisdom for all students of NOUN, to note that this ecourseware are specifically, specially created for them to enhance their knowledge on Agricultural science.

DOWNLOAD NOUN School of Agricultural Sciences STUDY MATERIALS

1 AGR 201 General Agriculture
2 AGR 202 Introductory Agricultural Engineering
3 AGR 215 Agricultural Botany for noun
4 AGR 203 Principles of Crop Production
5 AGE 202 Introduction to Computer Science
6 AEM 202 Introduction to Rural Sociology
7 AEM 201 Principle of Agricultural Extension
8 AEM 203 Introduction to Home Economics Extension
9 AEM 246 Youth Organisation in Agriculture
10 AEM 251 Introduction to Agricultural Economics
11 AFS 202 Principles of Food Science and Technology
12 ANP 202 Princinples of Animal Production
13 ANP 204 Introductory Agricultural Biochemistry
14 SOS 201 Principles of Soil Science
15 SOS 203 Introduction to Agroclimatology
16 ACP 301 Arable Crop Production
17 ACP 303 Permanent Crops Production
18 ACP 305 Principles of Crop Protection
19 AEC 308 Principle of Farm Management
20 AEC 306 Farm Records and Accounting
21 AEM 301 Introduction to Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
22 AEM 302 Extension Teaching, Learning Process and Methods
23 AEM 303 Agrarian Institutions and their Management
24 AEM 304 Communication and Audio-Visual Techniques
25 AEM 311 Introduction to Rural Life
26 AGM 314 Introduction to Farm Mechanisation
27 ANP 301 Introduction to Non-Ruminant Animal Production
28 ANP 302 Ruminat Animal Production
29 ANP 313 Poultry Production
30 ANP 310 Genetics and Breeding
31 SST 301 Introduction to Pedology and Soil Classification
32 AGB 404 Bio Resources Management
33 AEM 405 Extension Training and Curriculum Development
34 AEM 411 Social Relationship and Behavioral Change
35 AEM 450 Agricultural Finances and Marketing
36 AEM 451 Farm Business Organisation
37 AEM 458 Extension Strategies in Pilot Rural Development
38 AEC 403 Agricultural Production Economics and Resource Management
39 AGE421 Teaching Vocational Agriculture, in School of NOUN
40 CPS 401 Biotechnology in Crop and Pest Management
41 AEM 501 Statistics and Research Methods in Extension
42 AEM 502 Extension Organisation, Management and Supervision
43 AEM 503 Diffusion and Adoption of innovation
44 AEM 504 Rural Community Development
45 AEM 505 Administration and Programme Planning in Extension
46 AEM 506 Advanced Rural Sociology
47 AEM 507 Management of Agricultural Personnel
48 AEM 508 Technology and Social change in Agriculture
49 AEM 509 Agricultural Business Management
50 AEM 510 Psychology for Extension Personnel
51 AEM 511 Leadership and Rural Development
52 AEM 512 Rural Youth Programmes in Agricultural Extension
53 CPT 514 Produce and Post Harvest Management
54 AEM 701 Agricultural Extension Education
55 AEM 711 Agricultural Extension Administration and Supervision
56 AEM 712 Agric Extension Administration, Programme Planning & Evaluation
57 AEM 713 Tree Crops Production
58 AEM 715 Management of Agricultural Extension Personnel
59 AEM 716 Agricultural marketing and Cooperatives
60 AEM 719 Extension Methods and Communication
61 AEM 722 Ruminant Animals
62 AEM 724 Macro Economics
63 AEM 732 Women and youth in Rural Development Programme
64 AEM 736 Extension Organisation and Management
65 AEM 753 Farm Management
66 AEM 772 Statistics and Research Methods in Extension
67 AEM 783 Rural Development and Leadership
68 COP 721 General Agriculture I

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