National Open University – NOUN Admission Letter Printing Procedure for 2020

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Would you like to print the NOUN Admission letter for 2020? Then here is the step by step procedures and guidelines for the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN admission letter printing.

All interested candidates should take note that this is the complete step by step guideline, on how to print the national open university admission letters. Please take note of the following;

The Noun admission letter printing serves two purposes, and they are as follows:

However the purpose which you want to print the admission letter, you can the same procedures. Now see:

National Open University Admission Letter Printing Procedure

  1. Goto the national open university student portal –

National Open University Admission Letter Printing

  • Once you’re on the NOUN official portal homepage, Hover your computer mouse/ browser pointer to “Apply for Admission” and Click on either “Apply for an Undergraduate / Postgraduate or a Ph.D. Programme“. This depends on the type of programme you’re applying for.
how to print noun admission letter
how to print noun admission letter
  • Depending on the programme you selected, once you’re in the next opened page. Click on “re-Prints” (after continue after payment button) and choose Re-print 2020/1 undergraduate application form (or as the case may be)

noun admission letter

The next step is very important, here in this space provided, you are required to enter your RRR Number and NOUN Unique ID, then click on “Submit“.

how to print noun admission letter for admission

  1. Click “Proceed” after filling the provided form.
  2. Once you have click on the “SUBMIT” or ”Proceed” button, the next is your National open university admission letter. Click on “Print admission letter” and there you have it, the original and official Noun admission letter.
  3.  Lastly, it is very important that you save this letter, because it is very important and you’ll need it for verification, approval and others.