What is the structure of a Nigerian Navy salary?

How much is a Navy officer paid in Nigeria?

These and lots of other questions are answered here on this page. The Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces, which is known to be among the largest Navies on the entire African continent, consisting of several thousand personnel, including those of the Coast Guard.

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The Nigerian Navy is structured into a Naval Headquarter,which is made up of the Office of the Chief of Naval Staff and 8 other staff branches, each administered by Chief of flag rank.

Nigerian Navy Salary

The 8 Staff Branches

  • Naval Engineering
  • Policy and Plans
  • Logistics
  • Training and Operations
  • Naval Safety and Standards
  • Administration
  • Office of the Navy Secretary
  • Account & Budget

You should also know, that there are 5 commands headers of FOCs and 5 self -governing units. Take note that these commands are made up of 3 operational commands, which are listed below:

  • Western
  • Eastern
  • Central Naval Commands.

Take note that these commands above are 100% responsible for the protection and policing of the nation’s maritime environment; a Naval Training Command and a Logistics Command.

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However, for those who are not aware, the Self Governing units are as follows:

  • Nigerian Naval Dockyard,
  • Nigerian Naval Shipyard,
  • The Naval Ordnance Depot,
  • Nigerian Navy Holdings Limited,
  • Naval Doctrine and Assessment Centre.

The Nigerian Naval Dockyard and Nigerian Naval Shipyard, major job is to carry out third line maintenance and docking of Nigerian navy ships, while the Naval Ordnance Depot is 100% in charge of the Nigeria navy arms and ammunition and a limited storage for the NA, NAF and some paramilitary units.

Take note that these units and facilities mentioned creates and give room for the Nigerian navy to maintain the fleet for sustained operations.

Here is all you need to know about the Nigerian Navy Salary structure for Top Ranking officers.

1 Nigerian Navy officers under Admiral rank earns N16,303,140
2 Nigerian Navy officers under Vice Admiral rank earns ₦13,363,229
3 Nigerian Navy officers under Real-Admiral rank earns  ₦12,038,945
4 Nigerian Navy officers under Commodore rank earns  ₦7,385,856
5 Nigerian Navy officers under Captain rank earns  N3,715,859
6 Nigerian Navy officers under Commander rank earns  ₦3,380,086


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