Nigerian Guy With HIV Boast About Infecting 17 Girls, Exposes His Victim Νυdεs

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Fast forward in 2018, exactly February 2018, a Nigerian guy who goes by the name Omo Alhaji on twitter, disclosed some of the craziest news ever on twitter, which shocked Nigerians on twitter.

Omo Alhaja, who goes by the Twitter username, @wiztalisman, announced that he has been infected with one of the deadliest viruses on planet earth, the feared HIV, and he vowed to infect as many as possible before he dies, and it seems he’s making progress, as he took to Twitter to share the nudes of one of his victims, whose name is Flora.

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He claims to have slept with 17 women unprotected already, while replying a fellow Twitter user he said ‘Bro I can’t die alone, I was infected by a girl, I thought she got my back’ Here is everything he said On twitter and I quote:

What do you think? Fast forward this Month, He’s claiming that it’s all publicity stunts. But we’re not taking this excuse. The truth is that there are thousands of persons infected with this HIV virus, and are ready to infect as much persons as they can.