When i see this picture, the very first thought that comes into my mind is this; Don’t they have parents?

The most shocking of all this is that these Nigerian girls are flaunting their Lesbian activity on Instagram and it’s shocking, here are the rated photos and videos.

These very thoughts are shocking. However, the kind of things we come across on social media everyday is alarming. These two Nigerian girls, who were both named Ada have taken to Instagram to show off their lesbian activities, and it seems like there is nothing stopping them.

In different posts published on Instagram, through the handle @rude_queen_r and the other @rude_queen_baby, you can see these two girls cuddling each other, leaving the bath tub completely naked together, using a lot of suggestive endearments and even touching their whatever parts.

Seeing that Nigeria still have a standing order on relationships like this, i decided to investigate, and shockingly discovered on further investigation, that the girls have a relationship with popular Nigerian Ρoℜnstar kingblackhoc , and from their instagram post, they referred to him as ‘boss’, meaning the girls could be Ρoℜnstar too.

However, the question that keeps bugging my mind is this; Don’t this girls have parents or family members?

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