Today, I want to share with you, Four different Young teenagers have overstepped the boundaries and shared too intimate photos on Facebook.

The first photo is that of a Girl who is just Fourteen (14) years old, Her name is Gift Simeon and she’s residing in Lagos State. According to the user who decided to give us more in-depth information about Gift Simeon, she shared some emotional write-up about why this young girl, decided to go wayward.


She said 14 yrs old Gift and her elder sister always roam the street after their Mother travel and leave for work. Young Gift and her elder sister roams the street and answers any guy who calls them.

Here is the Picture that broke Nigeria internet

Gift simeon

Who do you think should be blamed?

Is this 14 years old girl to be Blamed, Elder sister or her Mother, who leaves them and travel for work?

I certainly would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Teddy Skitt

Taking 3rd Position for Nigeria teenagers who have disgraced themselves on Social media is Teddy Skitt.

Teddy Skitt is a young 14 Yrs Old Nigerian Girl, who decided to shares ‘after Sεⅹ Vⅰdeo’ of she and her Man on Facebook, where she proudly disclosed that her man “Made Her Night.

Now, looking at their picture clearly, you have to ask yourself who is fooling who here?

Going through Facebook, I came across a rather sad but viral post, where a Facebook user who goes by the name Teddy Skitt shared this short video earlier today.

According to her bio, she lives in Port Harcourt but hails from Imo State. The young girl captioned the video: “Good morning. Boo made my night. I love u baby”

Like I asked before, whose child is this?

Taniah Nkrumah

Taniah Nkrumah is a really Beautiful girl, who has grabbed the attention of several Facebook users with her wonderful pictures and postures. However, what got the Nigeria Facebook community buzzing, was when Beautiful Taniah decided to welcome her Boyfriend home.

Here is what she said and I quote below;

Welcome home my love, all you need to do now is eat, shower, and after that, You fυcκ something tight tonight.
Love you baby

Loveth Taniah Musa

Taking the very first position is this very young Girl, Loveth Musa, from all indications, she seems like a lovely and beautiful girl, a young innocent 15-year-old girl. But judging from the type of pictures she takes with her boyfriend, you can’t help but wonder.

The Nigerian Facebook community has been buzzing over the past few hours, due to the fact that a teenager, unknowingly attempts to break the internet, by sharing a picture of her kissing her boyfriend on Facebook.

The major reason why there were several debates on this teenager’s timeline is that many people are of the opinion that the girl in question is too young to have a boyfriend, not to even go as far as posting intimate pictures on social media.

However, several others somehow seem to stand behind her and encourage/applaud her courage, saying that Everyone does it, why hide it?.

It seems like Her boyfriend, sorry, her Teenager boyfriend is also brave too, as to when he decided to share it on his timeline and post this about her.

Is this Brave or lacking home training? Is this girl matured enough to start sharing pictures like this?

This girl decided to share this pictures online without a single care given that day. These ladies shared this photo on the social network, fully quite aware of the fact that Nigerians are not in support of pictures like this…

What do you think of this Pictures?

This may seem like the craziest of all Pictures, which is why I shared it last, click on the NEXT button below to continue and see this picture!

Nigeria youth pictures

On this post about 4 Times Nigeria Teenagers Disgrace Nigeria By Sharing Intimate Photos on Facebook, I think this one takes the crown! Judging from the pictures of these young teenagers, the girl’s age is nothing less than 19 years, and she did this?

But why?

Are they TOO damaging to these people images or it makes them children of the 21st century?

Here’s another Picture that clearly makes it certain that if Nothing is done to this generation, everything will be lost forever.

This picture shows these Youngsters clearly don’t fear anyone or the harm these pictures will do to them. WHY?

This is one question, the answer keeps eluding me every time.

PLEASE, IF YOU HAVE THE Mind, this one is plain STUPID!!!

As you can tell, they just finished doing what they were not supposed to be doing.

If you’re on Instagram, you’ll discover that this photo trend a instfew hours ago, and the question on the lips of anyone who have seen the picture, is “are they mentally OK?”

Because only people who are mentally down, can do this sort of rubbish and publish it online! where the whole world is watching and seeing.

I rest my case!

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