Nigeria Senate Approves NOUN graduates For NYSC Program & Nigeria Law School

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Breaking news reaching the National Open University of Nigeria student portal today, is that the Nigeria Senate has finally approved the bill, making sure that all graduates of NOUN are qualified and eligible for the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme and the Nigeria Law School.

This information was confirmed by Punch Nigeria. According to this reputable newspaper, the Senate has passed an amendment to the law, making sure that graduates of the institution are now qualified and eligible for mobilisation by the National Youth Service Corps and to attend the Nigerian Law School without any glitch.

National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN

This amendment was passed by the lawmakers on Thursday, the 6th of July 2017, the passage followed the adoption of a report by the Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TETFund on the ‘Bill for An Act to Amend the National Open University Act Cap N6 LFN 1983 (Amendment) Bill 2017’.

In the report, the Nigerian Senate committee clearly disclosed that the amendment to the National Open University of Nigeria Act was to bring this academic institution to the same level as that of Other Universities in the country. Approving of Noun for NYSC programs and Nigeria Law school, gives graduates of this academic institution, the same right as students who graduated from any approved Universities in Nigeria.

The report said and I quote below:

“The objectives of this Bill passed are as follow: Firstly, this bill is passed to amend the existing legislation with a view to removing the false and wrong Idea and belief of the Public about the university, in respect of the word ‘correspondence,’ which passes the wrong impression that the National University of Nigeria is not a full-time university and, as such, seen as part-time and not fully accredited.

“These two concepts, which are “correspondence” and “part-time” plays a very vital and significant role, thereby making the Public view NOUN negatively and lowly below it’s standard, making the programmes run by the school looks unaccredited. This prove to be one of the major reason why Law graduates of the National Open University of Nigeria, are not admitted into the Nigerian Law School, and this is as well, the reason for the non-inclusion of the graduates of the university into the National Youth Service Corps scheme.

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