Nigeria Gay Man Busts Into Tears and Cried Out: He ‘made love to me’ and Ran Away To Marry

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Seems like Nigeria social media community is always buzzing with breaking news, both heart warming, Funny, heart breaking and downright idiotic comments.

Sharing his views via Instagram page, a Nigerian gay man decided to bare his Soul out to Nigerians, where he cried out that his Gay boyfriend ‘made love to him’ and ran away. Nigerian gay man burst into tears He ‘made love to me’ and ran away.

A gay man has taken to popular Nigerian relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, to voice out his frustration and the pains he’s feeling, after his lover disvirgin him and dumped him, ONLY for him to discover that he got married to a woman in Nigeria.

We were able to gathered that, the man revealed that his run away lover defiled him and now he can’t cope with him. Saying that the man is his life and he can’t live without him.

Here is the message he sent to Joro Olumofin, where he said and i quote below:

“Am so heartbroken, I don’t know how to recover from this. My heart can’t take it. I saw him on wedding on blogs by surprise. He didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend. I saw it on blog featured. He took my virginity. I know I can’t live as I want here in Nigeria. I was hoping to keep my virginity till I move abroad for my future lover. It takes a lot for a man to give his virginity. For it’s worth. We had an amazing 2 weeks. I will always remember you.

Society pressure put him under pressure. A private number calls me. I know it is him calling to hear my voice. Am heartbroken, his heart is not with his wife, I know it. I can feel it in me. Where do I go from here? No rainbows in my world or Lily’s to make me blossom. Where do I go?”

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