Using this medium, we would love to inform and notify all NOUN Students, that the NOUN examination timetable is out. This information is important, mostly to all students who missed the last exam and just registered for it.

Please take note that the Examination is billed to commence on Thursday 25th May – and is scheduled to end on Saturday 17th June 2023.

Updated: All Students should note that the National Open University of Nigeria timetable has been updated! Kindly check your portal for the new timetable for people who have just recently registered.

National Open University of Nigeria - NOUN

Make sure that you check your portal for more details about the examination timetable.

Recommended: NOUN School Fees for 2023/24 Fee payable by New and returning Students.


  • It is very important that each NOUN student must first, check the timetable for any omitted courses, search for your course codes on the draft timetable and make sure that all your courses are present, if any course is missing, simply click this link and fill the form.
  • The NOUN Management board is charging all her students to download the timetable plan and check for errors. If you find any, kindly use the link provided above to report such errors.
  • All comments, feedback, and observations about the NOUN Exam timetable should be submitted to the counsellor’s office in your study centre.
  • For those student who isn’t yet aware, an E-exam means a Computer Base Exam (CBT).
  • NOUN E-exams are for 100 level – 200 level students only.
  • DAY 1 to Day 9 is for the following faculties mentioned below:
    Faculty of Agricultural Sciences,
    Faculty of Health Sciences,
    Faculty of Social Sciences,
    Faculty of Sciences.
  • Day 10 to Day 17 is for the Faculty of Art, Faculty of Education, Faculty of LAW, Faculty of Management Sciences
  • Day 18 to Day 19 is for GST’s – Good Study Guide
  • All GST courses are E-exams – If you registered for any GST courses check them on the E-exam timetable. wishes all students participating in this examination the very BEST and Success.

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Thank You.