Mzansi Mapakisha Whatsapp Numbers

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I will be sharing with you, the Mzani girls’ Whatsapp Numbers available for chatting and even the Omapakisha ladies’ contact details.

On this latest post of Mzansi mapakisha, I’ll be dropping some mapakisha girls mobile phone numbers who are interested in making friends online.

South Africa has some of the cutest ladies in Africa and arguably, around the world. One reason why countless Men are very much interested in South African ladies is because of their “Natural blessing”, and this is what men have termed ‘‘mzansi Omapakisha’’. As a South African citizen, the meaning of this word is clear, funny and truthful. SA is truly blessed.

If you are outside South Africa or a South African citizen in Diaspora who is yet to visit South Africa, then you really need to plan a trip so you can see what nature has blessed ZA girls with.

What brought you here? Were you searching for anything like; ‘mzansi mapakisha pics, omapakisha, omapakisha mzansi or mapakisha girls? The answer is provided here in this article. Keep on reading and you’ll see the answer to your question here.

I don’t want to neglect the fact that some readers of are not South Africans or do not understand the dialect, which is why I will be explaining the meaning of this world.

What is the meaning of ‘‘mzansi mapakisha’’?

Mzansi Mapakisha meaning – Omapakisha.

Mzansi is a very popular and acceptable slang meaning ‘‘South Africa’’. Mzansi is the nickname given to the country by her citizens. While the meaning of the word ‘‘Mapakisha’’ means ‘‘a naturally or heavily endowed lady’’.

I think it’s time to move forward since you now know the meaning of the word ‘‘Mzansi Mapakisha’’, which means South Africa natural or heavily endowed Lady.

The major reason why this post is published here is this. We want to share with our readers, a huge number of Mapakisha girls pics and numbers who are interested and looking for friendship online, both from South Africa Men and those outside the country.

Africa continent is truly blessed with Mapakisha ladies, and countries like Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria are there. But sincerely speaking, Mzansi leads the way when it comes to omapakisha.

How to Get Mzansi Mapakisaha, Omapakisha numbers.

There are a lot of ZA girls who are very much interested in getting connected with guys from around the world. But on this particular post, I want to share the phone numbers of Mapakisha ladies who are lonely and want to connect with guys who will love them and treat them like Queens.

We are getting more messages from Men asking for Mapakisha pics, Omapakisha photos, and Mapakisha girl’s numbers, saying that they are interested in marriage. If you are searching for Omapakisha numbers, you’re in the right place. These ladies are searching for guys interested in long-term friendship and relationships.

Mzansi Mapakisha girls – Mzansi Omapakisha girls numbers.

We recently published a list, containing the names and phone numbers of American girls Whatsapp Numbers searching for Friendship online. This time around, it’s Omapakisha mzansi mobile phone numbers who are available for chatting and looking for online friendship.

Important Rules.

Before sharing Mzansi mapakisha omapakisha girls with you, here are some important notes and rules you need to adhere to.

  • When chatting with these ladies, please do not sound authoritative or disrespectful. Loosen up and apply a bit of humour and respect.
  • When reaching out the first time, ensure you genuinely compliment her where and when necessary.
  • Please do make her your friend before saying anything about a relationship. It’s very important.
  • You need to always behave like a gentleman when discussing with a lady you want to court. It matters so much and the first impression matters a lot.


Here are numbers of Mapakisha (mzansi omapakisha) girls, including their mapakisha pics and photos. You’ll also find omapakisha base mzansi attached to their profile as shared below for easy identification of the cities they’re located in.

Name: Thandi
Age: 25 years old.
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Number: 0793268780

Name: Enhle
Age: 22 years old.
Location: Durban, South Africa
Number: 0828416954

Name: Linda Bepeter.
Age: 24 years old.
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Number: 0611155424.

Name: Tendani
Age: 23 years old.
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
Number: 0710455913

Name: Lebza
Age: 23 years old.
Location: Polokwane, South Africa
Number: 0634223787

Name: Lucia Jacobs.
Age: 21 years old.
Location: Soweto, South Africa
Number: 0780205586

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