Mercy Johnson Okojie Success Story To Inspire You Never Give Up!

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It is amazing that Mercy Johnson is now classified among Nollywood Legends, knowing very well that she is the youngest to make this list. Nollywood legends includes actress like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade, Patience, among others.

It is no secret that Mercy Johnson has acted in more than 100 Nollywood Movies, and you can easily download most of her movies online today.

One notable difference is that these other actresses have been acting Movies even before Mercy Johnson Joined Nollywood. But her aura, charisma, smiles and acting prowess has propell her to the very top.

Here is our own actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie amazing success story will Inspire you, never to give up in life.

If you are a true Mercy Johnson fans, then you certainly must have read about her. But did you know that Mercy Johnson used to suffer in the early days of her career? The hardworking mother of three, who is married to Prince Okojie, who is now a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian movie industry (popularly known and referred to as Nollywood) is the epitome of a strong woman.

Few years ago, Mercy Johnson Got Political Position in Kogi State.

The shinning star, powerful celebrity we are seeing today did not suddenly appear on our TV screen. She had a hard-knock life growing up. To begin with, her education was hindered in so many uncountable ways.

On several occasions, Mercy Johnson dropped out of school, hawked water on the streets and even served as a house help to earn money to cater for herself. Later on, she used the money she had saved up, seeking for admission into higher institution in Nigeria.

In her very first movie, Mercy Johnsonplayed the role of a house maid, and she totally owned it.

At the time she failed the entrance exam. So instead of staying home, she began seeking for parts in the movie industry to even earn more money to further her education.

She landed her first role as a housemaid in the movie ‘The Maid’ and honestly speaking, she excelled in it. Since she did really serve as a house maid in real life, she understand the part very well. She flowed with the role and totally sold out after that.

Today, Mercy Johnson has gone to places most people dream about in Nigeria. She has travelled to USA to give birth to her kids, gone to Dubai for baecation, and other countries for business ventures, movie acting, etc.

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