Shocking Revelation For Ladies: 98% Of Men are Most Attracted to Women with THIS Body Type

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From a survey completed by More than 1 Million Men online through ΡOℜN SEARCHES, we discovered what men are really looking for, when it comes to women’s bodies – and the results may shock you, especially the Ladies

The truth is that Fashion companies are advertising frequently, to give the public the illusion, that painfully thin models as the ideal of body perfection women, However, the truth is that Men are evolving. Men in 2010’s are now preferring a curvier aesthetic.

Men’s Ρ0ℜN searches can be revealing, showing what they are really attracted to when it comes to women’s figures.

From the most recent survey carried out, we discovered that there has been a huge increase in those searching for more voluptuous ladies, according to website Ρornhub.

The shocking revelation was that for every guy who is searching for “skinny”, three were searching for “fat” women to look at online and watch their videos.

There has been a huge rise in searches for “Big Beautiful Women”, or “BBW” videos in these portals, and in a shocking discovery, total searches of Big Beautiful Women have increased by 47% (per cent).

More Men are searching for Body types like Plus Size Model Ashley Graham.

However, the Men who were most likely to search for Big Beautiful Women came mainly from the United States or Africa continents.

However, the search terms weren’t as popular in Europe, where there has actually been a 13 per cent decrease in BBW searches from these countries.

Speaking on this issue and giving us his advice from watching Millions of Videos, and having access to Millions of Databases searches, Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president of operations, told Mic this and i quote below;

“The ‘ideal body’ is a thing of the past,”


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