Meaning of Arabic Word Written On Nigeria Army Logo/Flag

Are you eager to know the complete/full meaning of the Arabic word written on the Nigerian Army Logo? This is what it means and what it stands for.

Today, I will be diving deep into the complete meaning of the Arabic word written on the Nigerian Army Logo, who wrote it, and whose tenure approved it. Let’s go.

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We can’t deny the fact that every single country on Earth needs an Army because these are people who are trained, armed and ready to lay down their lives to protect the lives and properties of their citizens and nation. This is the major reason why the Army are given special respect and treatment in different Countries.

The number one duty of the Army is to serve and protect their country from foreign and internal threats that the police can’t handle. The army works on Land, while the Navy protects the sea, and the Air Force, Air space of the country.

Truth be told, the Nigerian Army is one of the best, if not the best in the African region, because they’ve brought peace to various African countries. It’s mandatory that the army have a logo that the citizens can use to identify them, and in every Country in the World, the Army must have a logo that stands for something very important to the country.

However, it is not surprising to know that most Nigerians don’t know what the flag of the Nigerian Army stands for, or even the Nigerian Army Motto, but that is not our focus. However, there are some people who are not aware of the Arabic words written on the Nigerian Army flag and what it means.

According to confirmed Islamic confirmation, the Arabic words on the Nigeria Army Flag are translated to “Nasrunminallah” Meaning ‘Victory Comes From God Alone‘.

No doubt, Nigeria is a religious country and the Nigerian Army believes in God, in other words, before engaging in any battle or war, they always look up to God for victory.

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What does the Eagle in the Nigeria Army Logo Stand for?

The eagle in the Nigerian Army flag symbolizes the strength and power of the Nigerian Army. Anyone who has studied or read about the Eagle knows that it’s a peaceful creature, but extremely powerful and Dangerous when attacking. The Nigerian Army, through the Eagle, symbolises that they are peaceful when they want to be, but they are also fighters who are capable and ready to defend the country when the need arises.

Nigerian Army Flag: Description and Meaning 2023.

Lets go back to the beginning, how the Nigerian Army was created, and it’s entire history.

The history of the Nigerian Army can be traced back to the Royal West African Frontier Force which was first created in 1900.

The Nigerian Army Logo is made up of Eagle, two interlaced triangle-like six-pointed stars and an Arabic script. The colours on the logo are red and black. We’ll explain what they all mean.

The eagle symbolizes the graceful power of the Nigerian Military. Many countries, including the United States of America, USA uses the Eagle as a symbol of power. The eagle is generally seen in most part of the world as a towering symbol of grace, power and elegance. The Eagle is known for its keen surveillance, and skills in hunting.

While the two interlaced triangle-like six-pointed stars stand for the Unity of Nigeria. The Unity of Nigeria is non negiotiable. This unity was depicted through the event of 1914, when the first Governor General of the Nigeria, Lord Lugard merged/united the Northern and Southern Protectorates into one, thereby creating the country now known as Nigeria.

Over the years, we can see that despite the tribal issues, terrorism attacks, Nigeria has maintained its unity and is still working together to overcome all its problem. Despite a 20-month civil war that would have separated the country, but it was not a success.

The Arabic script on the Nigerian Army Logo was initially inscribed on the banner used by the Nigerian Indigenous Forces to battle against the invading colonial forces, before it succumbs.

The origin of this motto on the Nigerian Army Logo can be traced all the way back to Shehu Usman Dan Fodio, the head of the Sokoto Caliphate. After the colonial force won the battle, they adopted the same logo, during the pre-Independence era. However, shortly before the country’s independence, the British handed over the same Logo design over to the country in a formal ceremony.

Often times, people often wonder why the motto inscribed on the flag is in Arabic, and not in English Language, since the country was colonised by the Bristish and English Language is our general language.

Well, the answer to this Arabic words on the logo lies in a part of Nigerian history. The motto was used by Frederick Lugard, who was the first Commander of the West African Frontier Force between 1897 and 1899.

Lord Frederick Lugard went on to became the first High Commissioner of Northern Nigeria between 1899 and 1906, and he would later become the Governor of the protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria between the year, 1912 and 1914.

Lord Lugard was also the first Governor General of post-amalgamation Nigeria between 1914 and 1919.

However, we should note that during his tenure as the governor general of Nigeria, he thought that Arabic is the only written indigenous language anywhere in Nigeria/West Africa, particularly among the widely spread Hausa trader class across the Northern region. As a result, Arabic inscriptions were used as symbols, not only on our Naira currency, but even on official West African Frontier Force badges.

Even till date, the Arabic inscriptions can still be found on the Nigerian Army badges and flag.

The Nigerian Army flag has three vertical stripes (red, black and red), and one of the most surprising path is that all of the stripes are the same width. These colours follow the NATO military colour code.

  • The red colour

This colour depicts the enemy forces, their installations and their activities.

  • The black colour

In military circles, black is the traditional colour of the cavalry, armoured or mechanized troops.

Hope you learnt a lot today, including the colors on the Nigerian Army flag, why there’s an Arabic inscriptions on the Nigerian Army Logo, and what it means.

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