Can you imagine yourself in this situation? This is the type of situations we pray never to find ourselves.

Currently trending on the internet today, is the reaction of a Zambian man when he caught his wife red-handed in bed with a male student at her dormitory, and his reaction shocked the internet world.

A video which is currently circulating online, shows the well-built man calmly questioning his ‘rival’ who appears to be crying and blushing at the same time, apparently in fear of the man’s muscular physique, which his white tshirt does little job of hiding.

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While many online users were very much expecting the well-muscled guy to pounce on his adulterous wife and the lover and give them the beatings of their lives, which wouldn’t have surprised many, his calm reactions even shocked us.

When a crowd gathered at the entrance of the student dormitory and some people started filming the development, the disappointed man closed the door and asked for privacy with his adulterous wife and her lover.

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However, what shocked other users who viewed this video, was the posturing of the woman caught in the act. She sleeps on the bed as if she is lifeless, very much unconcerned, appearing to have absolutely nothing to do with the scandal.

What do you think of this video and this uncommon Man’s reaction?

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