See Reason why this GROWN Man is ”tied up and sent back home”

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This life is not easy for some persons, hundreds of millions, if not a few billions. This photo looks funny, but the reason behind it is sad and pitiful.

A man was reportedly tied up and sent back home after leaving his family in search of greener pastures for the past six years without sending any reasonable thing back to his wife and children.

According to the twitter user who shared this photo and the reason behind it, He disclosed that the man left his wife, children, and aged parents for six years in search of greener pasture in the western part of Nigeria.

man tied and sent back home

But things took a wide turn, as the Twitter user claimed that since he left, the man hasn’t been able to send any money to his family, that is, his immediate family or parent.

According to Ekwulu, the man was recently spotted at a livestock market in Abeokuta by a family member, who then tied him up and sent him back home via a truck back home.


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