Here’s another Sad Story that Happened in Argentina:

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Things are really happening, and it’s not just in Nigeria alone. Here’s another heart-wrenching news coming from Argentina.

According to an Argentina newspaper, an angry mob of neighbors tried unsuccessfully, to lynch a suspected killer in Argentina after the body of a missing 19 year old girl was found, buried in his garden.

The victim of this hideous crime, Julieta Abigail del Pino was reported missing on Friday, 31st of July, in the small town of Berabevu, in northeastern Santa Fe, Argentina.

19 years old teenager, Julieta left her workplace on Friday and while on her way home, decided to call her mum to ask her to warm her dinner. Sadly, she never arrived home, according to newspaper Infobae.

man kills girlfriend in Argentina

On Saturday morning, which was August 1st, her mum feared the worst has happened to her daughter, decided to report her disappearance to the Attorney Unit of Meincue, which is led by prosecutor Susana Pepino, who ordered a search party in the area with dogs after studying CCTV footage.

The CCTV footage of a sports club in the town reportedly showed Julieta passing by on her motorbike. On Saturday, search dogs led officers to her boyfriend, Romero’s car. To make this betrayal more painful, Romero is also a colleague of her brother.

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Police then found clothes belonging to the victim inside the car and drove over to the suspect’s house. Police officers broke into the house as Romero refused to open the door and immediately, the dogs led the police officers to the garden.

The officers found recently moved soil with concrete slabs under which they found the body of Julieta who police identified by her tattoos.

Speaking about the sad demise of her daughter, the mother of the victim, Fabiana Moron, told local Argentina newspaper Cronica: “Help me demand justice for Julieta because my Julieta could be your Julieta”.