Man Caught His Curvy Wife Having Sεx With His Best Friend (Photos and Videos)

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It is alarming that the Woman you married into your house, and fully paid her bride price should be dating outside Marriage, but the most heart breaking of it all, is to see that the person she is cheating on you with, is no other than your best friend. This is an emotional video that touches my heart.

The simple truth is that no matter how many people have been killed for sleeping with other people’s wives, it seems fewer men seems to take these lessons to heart.

In a Facebook video which was shared some days ago, and currently trending, this poor mature man was caught harvesting honey from his best friend’s bee hive and sadly, was exposed by being recorded, and was taught a lesson he will never forget in a jiffy.

The cheating best friend broke the “Guys Code” and got the beating of his life, that will change him forever. The man whose wife was caught and another friend had walked in on them, and from the video, you will probably know it was from a tip-off.What is more shocking is the fact that they were busted in the act in her matrimonial bed.

From the video, you’ll see the traitor of a best friend calling the man’s name and pleading, “I can explain. Pls I can explain. You people will not allow me explain”. But this did not stop them from continuously hitting him on his clean-shaven head. The sight of the lady begging her husband to spare them is just priceless.

Watch the Video below.

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What do you think? Should they have beat the Man and include the wife? Because from all indications, the Woman was not beaten.

Should the man divorce his wife or take her in after she has begged him?