See Beautiful Photos of Linda Ikeji and Her Sisters

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See Beautiful Photos of Linda Ikeji and Her Sisters

We all know of the Ikeji Clan, thanks to Nigeria’s most popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. Millions of Lindaikeji blog readers are quite confused on the numbers of sisters Linda have. For those not aware of Linda Ikeji siblings, here’s it.

Linda Ikeji have 5 sisters and  one brother, named Peks. Her dancing sister, Laura Ikeji is a social media Influencer and quite popular too. She recently lauched a best seller book, titled “How to Make Money from Instagram”

linda ikeji siblings

The book was quite popular and a best seller, but most readers were disappointed with the contents.

Linda Ikeji is the most popular blogger in Nigeria. She is not only a blogger, but an entrepreneur and former model. The blogger has a big family. She has 5 sisters and one brother making them 7 in total.


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