It seems like Nigeria has reached the point of No return, and thanks to the Nigerian government, both past and present, who have made this possible. Aside a few Nigerian Politicians, all others are the worst enemies of Nigeria.

Report reaching us confirmed that a lecturer of political science at the University of Abuja went emotional after analyzing Nigeria since our independence, and that is 1960.

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This political science lecturer in Uniabuja, started from 1960 and analysis how we missed the chance of becoming a developed nation, how many economic policies we have made and abandoned, how it would have gone and vice versa.

One sad part was when he analyzed how the youths have decided to quick money method at a tender age without working, how the brains and mind of the youths have been enveloped by Entertainment.

  • The lecturer went on to discuss how the buhari’s War Against Indicipline (Wai) was taking Nigeria to a well cultured society,
  • How the Babangida structural adjustment program was making the rich richer and the poor poorer,
  • While Ex president, Olusegun Obasanjo Agricultural program only enriched his ota Farm.
  • The Napep program
  • How the Vision 2010 was not achieved by one of Nigerian’s best President, Goodluck Jonathan.
  • Now vision 2020 is come upon us and the present administration is not talking or doing anything about it.

At the end of all these his words were

“I sadly pitied the younger generation of Nigeria. As youths, you aren’t helping your self. Imagine at the rip age of 24, you are still writing jamb. At 24, you are still asking your parents for pocket money,  watching music videos “

The Lecturer burst into tears after analyzing, he wept profusely in front of his students.


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