Latest Guinea Styles For Men-Smart Guinea Brocade Styles For Men

Today we want to talk about the new trends and looks from latest Guinea styles for men styles 2018. Guinea brocade fabrics are gorgeous. They are suitable for sewing of any kind of clothing and for any occasion. Bright colors, beautiful ornaments, patterns, and embroidery, as well as a brilliant fabric texture, will certainly make your attire unforgettable

Guinea brocade fabrics with embroidery will certainly make you stand out. Typically, these textiles have an abundantly embroidered edge and a little embroidery on the rest of the basic fabric. Often fabrics with such embroidery have a wavy edge. It’s very suitable for long dresses and festive blouses. Usually, embroidery can come in form of floral ornament (flowers, leaves, and stems). The threads used for embroidered patterns are different colors from the basic fabric. Usually, it contrasts with the cloth, but it can also be just of another tone of the same color.

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Guinea cloth styles are among the most recognizable ones in Nigerian fashion. You can spot a Guinea brocade look from afar, and this fabric and style in clothing is equally loved by men and women.

When it comes to choosing a style for your guinea brocade wear, you don’t have to be bothered. Guinea brocade is a quality type of material and a lot of men use in their regular sewing of native wars. They are durable, versatile, classy and perfect for the Nigerian native wear.

Take a look at the ways these Nigerian men rocked their Latest Guinea Styles For Men

Latest Guinea Styles For Men
Latest Guinea Styles For Men


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