Watch Video of Lady Stripped For Cheating With Her Friend’s Boyfriend

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Honestly, feminism is 100% scam because the ladies are haters of themselves. Yes, this is supposed to be a professional news outlet where I should be reporting the news but am saddened that in the 21st century, there are still people out there behaving like pack of idiots.

Thanks to the gram, nothing is now hidden under the sun. A black, yes, an African lady was caught Cheating With Her Friend’s Boyfriend and was Publicly humiliated by her FELLOW black ladies, while the man must be laughing at their foolishness.

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The man may probably be sleeping with them all, judging from their behavior and reasoning, it’s not difficult to sleep with ladies like these. One question though. Can these Ladies attack the MAN for sleeping with their friends’ friend?

How many times have ladies attacked a Man that must have ℜa℘ε anyone of them? Stupid actions like these are making even the ugliest of Men to feel superior, giving them the god-like-complex and making guys see Ladies like Animals without brain.

A very beautiful, young lady has given the worst disgrace of her life by a group of girls who confronted and attacked her in public in broad daylight. In this disturbing video which is trending online, the girls who are seen in this video attacking their fellow girl claimed that she was caught sleeping with her friend’s boyfriend.

Watch Video Here.


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Who Came to SAVE a Lady from her fellow ladies? Yes, the same gender that they are all screaming is ruling over them. The attack was severe and the girl’s life may have ended until a man came and attempted to rescue her but by then, she had already been given the worst disgrace and embarrassment of her life.


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