It is another Day in Nigeria, and yet, the same old story. Here is another trick employed by these dubious boys who are known as “Yahoo-Yahoo Boys” in taking the life of their fellow Humans.

A young Nigerian lady was earlier today rescued by the Nigerian Police Force from the hands of suspected kidnappers/internet fraudsters who are notoriously known as ‘Yahoo Boys’ in Nigeria.

These guys allegedly tried to abduct the beautiful lady in Blue dress in Asaba, Delta state capital.

According to confirmed reports from an eye witness, the lady was coming from the popular Ogbegonogo market on Thursday, the 18th of April, 2019, when she boarded a tricycle which is popularly known as Keke Napep within Nigeria. After boarding the tricycle, two young men were said to have joined her from both sides, which automatically put her in their midst.

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The hoodlums who are alleged to be ‘Yahoo Boys’, however, met their Waterloo when their supposed victim (the young lady) signaled the Keke driver that she wanted to stop at a particular junction. Surprisingly, the Tricycle driver refused to stop at her junction, which forced her to raise an alarm, attracting mobile policemen who were luckily on patrol and sympathizers to chase after the young men in the tricycle.

yahoo boys in Delta caught

According to reports, we were informed that the suspected Kidnappers hypnotized (charmed) their victim (the young lady) which made her temporarily lose her memory after she raised the alarm and they were caught.

The Mobile police quickly took action and their swift response intercepted and apprehended the suspected kidnappers before the hoodlums were able to take the young lady away.

One of the boys was identified to be an owner of SUV which was just parked within Asaba metropolis.

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