Ladies Be Careful: Here’s WHY this girl Was Poisoned to Death by a Guy

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Another sad news reaching our newsdesk today, is that this beautiful graduate of Nnamdi University Awka, Anambra state, Chizuroke Egodi Onuorah has passed on.

Until her death, Chizuroke Egodi graduated as one of the best students in the Environmental management department and the second best-graduating student in the faculty of environmental sciences.

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This beautiful lady was posted to Oyo state, for her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) where she eventually died serving her fatherland.

According to a friend of hers who leaked their chat on WhatsApp online, she revealed that Chizuroke died of poison from a guy who had asked her out.

Her Friend Wrote and is quoted below:

It’s very sad how a guy can poison a lady just because she didn’t accept to date him…if a lady didn’t wanna date or mingle with you, as a guy, let go and try someone else who may be dying to be your friend.

She was my friend, we are close throughout the camp in iseyin Oyo state.. we were posted in different local government and we didn’t see again until our POP day at Ibadan and she looked slim and sick.

I miss you so much dear, your death was a shock to me yesterday that I can’t bear it…

RIP Omalicha… ���
your killer will never have no peace…