100+ Kente Dress Styles For Ladies (Kente Styles with Lace) for 2023

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Here are over 100+ beautiful Kente Styles. When the Kente cloth became popular a few years back, many people couldn’t help but join the Kente style train.

Now, we’ve got lots of people sharing photos of their kente styles on Instagram, and on their Whatsapp status, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This post will show you the latest kente styles for 2023, and we have more designs in store for you.

Kente is a Ghanaian fabric which is known to be very colourful and shines bright any day anytime, very much like the Ankara fabrics. Since great fashion designers, dressmakers, and tailors had laid their hands on Kente, they have never remained the same.

Some of the most popular Ghanaian Ankara designs are from Vlisco, Daviva, Excellence and the Ghanaian Kente. Below are pictures of both Ghanaian and Nigerian women rocking combinations of both Kente and Ankara styles.

Many of them never knew that the Kente originated from the Ashanti Tribe of Ghana over 3 centuries ago. Yes, over 300 years ago. The Kente is to Ghana what the Agbada has become to Nigerians.

Just before you get bored, here are a few kente fabric styles December 2023 I’m sure you’ll love

Kente Fabric Styles
Kente Fabric Styles

Kente Fabric Styles

Interestingly, every Kente design has a story with a proverbial meaning. It is evident that Ghanaians revere the kente attire, with most people choosing to adorn themselves with the fabric for special occasions, such as engagement or wedding ceremonies, enstool ceremonies of chiefs or celebration of a grand occasion.

Kente Styles For Bride 2023 – 50 Designs Of Kente For Ghanaian Brides And Their Men

Here are over 50+ Awesome Kente styles For Ghana Bride. Africans do pride themselves as Fashionistas, and the Kente attire certainly agrees with that. Most African brides always look stunning, beautiful, and gorgeous on their big day. Be it during introduction, engagement or wedding ceremonies, you just have to give it to African brides to rock fabulous and stunning attires.

Kente is a colourful fabric which was originally hand-woven by Ghanaian weavers. The brilliant colours and wonderful designs associated with Kente will definitely make this you stand out on all occasions.

Kente styles For Ghana Bride
Kente styles For Ghana Bride

Kente styles For Ghana Bride
Kente styles For Ghana Bride

Kente styles For Ghana Bride


Ladies and gents who opt for kente say the fabric’s stamina in not fading easily is its appeal. Back in the day, women wore 2 pieces or 1 piece of Kente cloth about 2 yards long and 45 inches wide wrapped around the waist to form a floor-length skirt.

Men do wear the cloth in the same way as the ‘Toga’ was worn by the ancient Greeks, and it would seem that these ancient people must have been in contact centuries ago despite the distance separating them.

Let’s take a look at how Ghanaian brides rock their Kente attires for their introduction/engagement ceremony..


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