What This Girl Did To This Child On Facebook is the Worst

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Facebook user boasts about drugging a toddler with weed because he didnt greet her.

Facebook user, Jennifer Belle took to Facebook and boasted that she drugged a little boy, all because he didn’t greet her this morning.

Jennifer shared a video of the drowsy little boy and wrote:

“He didn’t greet me this morning So I decided to add some weed on his beans☺☺☺ Am I a wicked aunt??..☺☺😁😁 ” Watch the video after the cut…

However, from investigation carried Out, we discovered that Jennifer Belle is always joking around, always posting Pictures and Videos. There is no single indication that she truly did this to the young Boy, although most people have asked her to take the Image down.

As at the time of writing this video, Jennifer Belle has taken the Photo down.


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