Meet Hot and Sexy Nigerian Girl with Hot Bum Bum that ‘Talks’ (Photos/Video)

This sounds like Madness, but it is actually true. You’ve got to see this video before you actually argue about it. Meet Jane Mena, a tall, slim and beautiful young lady who is very talented in dancing and blessed with a bum that seems to talk with each step.

Miss Jane Mena is a lady blessed with a flexible waist and a hot bum that appears to be talking to the beat of the music when she shakes it in front of the camera she used for videoing.

jane mena

According to report we have received so far, Miss Jane has turned down several offers to appear in music videos as a Video Vixen, plus romance invitations from interested men as well as calls for private dance session from different men all around the world.

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She is currently in a relationship with her man whom she flaunts on her instagram page, which has well over 57,000 followers.

Watch below the video of Jane making her bum talk