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Hello, I would love to use this platform to address all issues which are related to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (jamb), and we are happy to inform the public, that the jamb cbt result checker 2016 is out!

The africastatus.com portal is a platform solely created in addressing all jamb related problems, and we’re providing a 24 hours 7 days a week customer service support! We will be answering your jamb questions through the comment box, so don’t worry.

Free JAMB 2016 CBT Result Checker

For all jamb cbt candidates, who sat for the examination, which started on the 29th of February 2016, and are looking for free JAMB 2016 CBT result checker, you’ve come to the right place.

We have just confirmed this breaking news that the cbt results have been released online.

Do follow the step by step guidelines outlined here, that will help you check your result free of charge, and you don’t need to use any scratch card, e-bundle, and absolutely no serial or pin. Yes, you read the title correctly, it’s totally free!

jamb cbt result 2016

jamb cbt result 2016

Free JAMB CBT Result 2016 Checker

Checking your jamb utme result is free and the portal is the same for all candidates, this is how you can simply check your UTME result online and it is free.

Step 1; Proceed and visit the JAMB result checker website here: http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme1

Step 2; Click on check your results

Step 3; When the “result checking portal” loads up, proceed and enter your Jamb Registration Number.

Step 4; Lastly, you are required to click on the “Submit” button which is below the box you insert your jamb reg. number.

When the result has been displayed on your screen, you can then view and print out your result.

Important Note: All candidates of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Computer Base test should note that this result is not the main result slip yet, it’s just a notification. The jamb original result requires you to use a scratch card to check and print it out.

Today, the very first issue to face here, is how to check the Jamb result 2016, there are several ways to check the jamb 2016 cbt results, either using the free jamb cbt result checking portal or using the jamb 2016 result checking portal, which differs.

There has been several questions from jambites, asking several questions on how to check jamb result without scratch card 2016, and to all candidates asking on how to check jamb result with only registration number, we’ll be providing you, the full step by step tutorials and guidelines, including a video on how to check your jamb cbt result online yourself.

How To Check JAMB Results 2016 Free without e-bundle pin

Here’s how you can check the 2016 JAMB Results Free without the e-bundle pin, e-facility card or any scratch card.

The first step i outlined above is the free jamb result checker 2016, just follow the steps below to check your JAMB result free!

Guide 1: You are to download the JAMB Mobile App for Android or for Windows Phones using the links provided.

Guide 2: Please choose the IOS your mobile phone is using, and then properly install the application on your phone, open and click on “Check Current Result”.

Guide 3: When you’ve click on the “check current result”, proceed and enter your correct Jamb Registration number and access your result free.

There are better ways in which you can check JAMB 2016 Results Free, but provided the free result checker portal is limited, we’ll show you, the easiest way to check your performance, scores and print out your result and acknowledgement slip.

Take note that there are several publications on how to check JAMB 2016 results online, but there has been no intense and complete information as this, and we provide a table list, in which you can go directly to check the immediate solution to any problem you’re facing.

We’ll also be providing you with the complete details on how you can do this yourself, below is a guideline on how to request for the Original JAMB Result Slip.

Some students might be finding it difficult to check their result using the OPERA MINI mobile browser, because the jamb portal is not compatible with the browser.

However, you can easily check your results using other mobile browsers or higher mobile phones. You need either an Android Phone or Windows Phone to successfully check your result.

Solution To You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of JAMB Result Checks

This is a special message to all jambites who tried checking their result via the jamb result checker, and they received an error message saying “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks – please purchase e-facility card to check your result” each time you try to check and print your JAMB CBT results, you don’t need to panic.

Why we’re bold in saying this, is because neither is your results seized, pending or not released at all, it just means that you’ve exceeded the limited number of checks given to each candidates.

When you received the above message, it means that the recipient or anyone else with your registration number have tried to check that same result up to five (5) times, so you’ll need to purchase the e-facility scratch card.

The only solution to solving this problem of “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks – please purchase e-facility card to check your result” is to buy the e-facility scratch card and print out your jamb original result.

However, the truth is that you can still print out the result using e-bundle card, but you will be printing only a notification of result – and not the original. The most suitable solution to this problem, is to get the original slip with your passport and other details instead of a mere notification that cannot be used for post UTME screening.

JAMB Result Checker 2016: How to Print Original JAMB Admission letter

We deem it important to explain every single aspect of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (jamb) cbt 2016 examination, including the purpose and power of the original jamb admission letter.

Please take note that you’ll need your JAMB Original Admission Letter before you can be admitted into any Federal Universities, Polytechnics or College of education in Nigeria.

You will need the original jamb admission letter for admission screening if you have been offered admission into your institution of choice. Take note that you can also use the JAMB admission letter for other things such as scholarships application, among others.

Want to know how you can easily print your original JAMB admission letter? Follow this procedures!

Today, i will be teaching you, the full step by step guidelines on how you can print out your original JAMB 2016 admission letter.

How To Print Original JAMB Admission letter 2016

The first important information to note here, is that you can print the JAMB admission letter from JAMB result checker website.

We advice you, that before you print out your original jamb admission letter, you’ll have to be offered admission first from the school of your choice, and the original jamb admission letter will also be included in the required documents when you accept the offer.

If you’ve not been offered admission, there’s absolutely no need to print out the jamb original admission letter, save your money. The simple truth is that the admission letter is for all candidates that had been offered provisional admission to any institution which has been accredited by JAMB.

Steps On How to Print Original JAMB Admission Letter 2016

∴ To ensure your success, the first step is to buy the e-facility Card, which is sold for One thousand Naira (N1000) from JAMB accredited vendors. You can also buy them, from the jamb office nearest to you.

∴ When you’ve successfully purchased the e-facility scratch card, then visit the jamb original result printing portal by clicking here: http://jamb.org.ng/postregistrationefacility/ValidatePIN.aspx?id=15_03

∴ Continue by inserting your e-facility card PIN and Serial Number in the box which is specifically provided for them.

∴ Then proceed and insert your Registration number

∴ Finally, proceed and click on the “Submit” button.

A very big congratulations! Please take note that you can now reprint your original JAMB admission letter with ease for yourself or anyone else who would love to print theirs.

Procedures On How To Check Your JAMB Result After Exhausting Your 5 Trials

It is important for all cbt candidates to take note, that they are given five (5) chances to check their result for free, and after the candidate have checked their result five times, then the next time, you will need to buy a scratch card to check the result again. Which is why it is advisable for all candidates, before exhausting the 5 times given by jamb, print out your original result, using the e-facility card.

The sad truth is that some candidates have not even printed their result yet, and have totally exhausted their 5 trials.

Today, i’ll be showing you, a quick tutorial on “How To Check Your JAMB Result without any Scratch Card even if you’ve Exhausted your 5 Times Limit, which has been placed by jamb.

Requirement:- You can only re-check your 2016 jamb cbt result using a computer.

  1. You are expected to visit the JAMB website ↔ jamb org using your Personal computer (pc) or go to a Cyber cafe.

2. When the jamb portal loads up on your browser, proceed and click on the link that says “Check 2013 UTME Result”

3. When the result checking portal has finished loading up, you will find two options there, which says; ” Check Result”, and the other says “Re-Print Slip”.

Now, the secret is using the “Re- print Slip” Option And NOT The “Check Result” option.

4. However, if you use the “Check Result Option”,  well, it won’t work for you, because you have Exhausted your checking of result trial.

5. When the ” Re-print Slip” option loads up, type in your Jamb Registration Number And Click “PRINT SLIP”.

6. The next page will will displays your UTME Result, you can then check and also print your slip.

How To Print The Original JAMB Admission letter

You can print your JAMB admission letter from JAMB result checker website. This is for candidates that had been offered provisional admission to any institution accredited by JAMB.

How to Print Original JAMB Admission Letter

Just follow these steps to print your admission letter now.

Buy E-facility Card (N1000) from JAMB accredited vendors
Click here: http://jamb.org.ng/postregistrationefacility/ValidatePIN.aspx?id=15_03
Insert your e-facility card PIN and Serial Number
Insert your Registration number
Click “Submit”

Congratulations! You can now reprint your original JAMB admission letter with ease.

2016 JAMB Result Checker: How to Check JAMB 2016 Result with e-Bundle Card

Welcome to the jamb cbt 2016 result checking portal. I will be showing you, how to check jamb cbt result online without the use of e-bundle scratch card.

All candidates who wishes to see the guidelines on how to check jamb cbt result free should note, that this is a bit different from JAMB result checker of previous years.

I will be teaching you, how to use JAMB result checker 2016.

How To Check Your Jamb Cbt Result Checker Without Scratch Card

1. Firstly, the step you’ll need to follow, is buy the JAMB e-bundle Card from the closest jamb office nearest to you.

2. When you’ve successfully purchase the card, proceed and visit this portal → http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme1/

3. When the portal loads up, proceed and type in your e-bundle PIN and Serial Number in the space provided.

4. Proceed and click on “Check Result”.

JAMB Result Checker : How to Print JAMB acknowledgement slip

Like the promise i made above, i will be explaining every single aspect of the jamb exams to you.

Please note that you can use the JAMB result Checker to also print out your acknowledgement slip.

This step by step procedure is the easiest and simplest method on how to print your JAMB Acknowledgement Slip via the JAMB result post registration e-facility.

How to Print Acknowledgement Slip

∗ Take note that you can buy the e-facility scratch card (N1000) from JAMB accredited vendors which is nearest to your area or location.

≡ The next step is to visit the acknowledgement page by Clicking here:

≡ When the portal loads up, type in your e-facility card PIN and Serial Number in their appropriate box.

≡ Then insert your Registration number in it’s own box.

≡ Finally, proceed and click on the button that says “Submit”.

Yes! You’re done and a big congratulations to you! You can now reprint your original JAMB result slip with ease.

How to Retrieve your Lost JAMB Registration Number

Want to retrieve your lost JAMB registration number? Well, don’t worry about this, because you can now retreive your lost jamb reg. number without stress. But wait, how did you lost your jamb registration number?

Retrieving your JAMB Registration Number

The JAMB registration number is the most important thing a candidate should always have in their possession, and some students even memorized theirs, which is even better.

The Reg. no is the only requirement which you can use to access your result.

However, if by any means you forgot your Registration Number, you can easily retrieved it once you’ve validate your PIN and Serial Number with the following correct information, which includes your;

Firstname or Middle name,
Date of Birth,
State of Origin.

How to Retrieve your JAMB Registration Number

Here’s how you can easily retrieve your jamb reg number, do follow the steps and guides shared below:

1. You can choose to visit the portal at www.jamb.org.ng or go directly to the page where you’ll be able to retrieve your Reg. Number. Click Here to retrieve yours .

2. When the portal loads up, type in your registration card PIN and Serial Number

3. Click “Submit”

When you followed the above steps successfully, your lost JAMB registration number will be displayed on your screen.

Step By Step Guidelines and Procedures On How to Recover your JAMB PIN and Serial Number for Lost Card

I’ve outlined the process by which you can recover jamb registration number, but if for any reason, you lost your jamb pin and serial number, then we’ll show you, how you can easily recover your JAMB card PIN and Serial Number.

Please follow the step-by-step guideline, showing you, how to retrieve jamb pin and serial number.

Take note that before you can check your JAMB result, you need to supply the following three things as listed below;

  1. JAMB registration number,
  2. Card PIN
  3. Card Serial Number.

How to Recover your JAMB PIN and Serial Number for Lost Card

1. To successfully retrieve or recover your jamb pin or serial number, visit the portal at http://www.jamb.org.ng/Unifiedtme4/PINRecovery.aspx

2. When the portal loads up, type in your information as shown in the picture below, which includes;

Click on “Recover PIN”

When you’ve clicked on “Recover”, Take note that your card information will be displayed on your screen or sent to you via sms or through the email address you provided. You can now use it to check your JAMB result.

Hope this information really helped you. Please if you have any inquires, do explain your self in the comment box below.

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