Nigerian Baby Names: 380 Igbo Names For Boys And Their Meanings

In few countries, names has little meaning. But not in Africa, as Africa parents believes that the name of a child guides him throughout his lifetime. Here on EntertainmentgistMe, I will be sharing with you all, three hundred and eighty (380) Igbo names for boys and their meaning.

For those who will love to dive to the igbo names for baby boys and their meaning, you can simply check it below. However, I want to share with you, a very brief history of the Igbo people.

Igbo names for boys

Before anything, let me do the traditional Igbo greetings.

Dalu, Igbo kwenu! Asusu Igbo amaka!

Igbo language is very diverse and there are quite so many ways of saying the same thing through this beautiful dialect. A benefit which is now being adopted by creative parents in naming their newly born children. For instance, a traditional name such as Chinedu has its modern versions as Chidumaga and Chidumeje, but do you know what is astonishing about these three names?

they all mean the same thing!

The Igbo people are among the three major tribes in Nigeria. The Igbo tribe situates majorly in the southeastern part of Nigeria. According to their traditional religion, this tribe believes there is a supreme God called ‘Chukwu’ (the great spirit), who is the creator of the world and everything in it. Although they also believes in Minor gods, it stands clear in their believes that all other minor gods make sacrifices to the GREAT CHUKWU, the God above all. Thanks to Christianity, a huge percentage, more than 89% are now Christians, although their belief in their traditional religion is still retained, but minimally.

Since the tribe, like all other tribes in Nigeria believes in the supremacy of their God, the names given to their children are also profoundly religious, most Igbo names have a Chi (God) connotation in them.

From Afamefuna to Kainyechukwuekene, we’re giving you, our comprehensive list of over 350 Igbo names for baby boys has got it all. Do you know what is even more mesmerizing, is that we suggested the possible pet names for these names, but the ultimate decision of how to shorten your handsome son’s name is entirely in your hands!

Igbo Names for Boys