I Need a Guy Who Can Lick Me & My Αnus For 24 Hours Before Seχ – This lady says

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Well, it seems like Africans, inclusive of Nigerians and Ghana are now taking Matters into their hands, Especially the ladies. Ladies are not that shy anymore as in the days of our forefathers, as one thick Ghanaian Facebook user, Maame Akua Pretty Queen posted on Facebook one message that literally shook Africa continent.

According to Maame Akua Pretty Queen facebook post, she needs a guys who can lick very well, as well as her anus for at least 24 hours before Seχ.

Maame Akua Pretty Queen
Maame Akua Pretty Queen

According to the dark-skinned Ghanaian lady who shared her thought on Facebook, said she wants a man who can use his tongue very well on her. Perhaps reach places where no one has ever reached with it before, and it should last for 24 hours before anything else.

Maame Akua Pretty Queen made this post on her facebook page  Eleven (11) days ago, but till now, she is still trending with undue attention from the guys,  who are all fantasizing about sleeping with her.

Some guys are promising her 48 hours, since she is beautiful and got the curves.