MTN Nigeria: How To Share Data on MTN

For those who would love to know how to share data on the MTN network, here is the step by step procedures to accomplish this task.

To share MTN data, you need to know that there are rules and regulations. The very first thing I must point out to you is that it’s NOT all MTN data bundles you can share.

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For you to successfully share MTN Data, you need to specifically select from a list of MTN Data share bundle plan.

Another important information is that you can ONLY share MTN data with users from the same network.

How To Share Data on MTN

How To Share Data On MTN Guide

The first step is very important. Before you’ll be able to transfer data, you first need to register for MTN Data Share. To register, dial *131*2*1# or text REG to 131. you will receive a unique security PIN, which is automatically generated by MTN system.

Security wise, I highly recommend you change this pin. You need to change this pin to a pin ONLY you knows.

You are expected to change the system generated PIN to a new PIN, which you can easily remember by dialling*131*2*5# or by texting Change OLD PIN NEW PIN NEW PIN to 131.

Here is what I mean. Change 0000 1234 1234 to 131. Where 0000 is old PIN and 1234 is your new PIN. You can select any four numbers of your choice, and in the place of 1234, put the number there.

After changing the PIN, you are required to add beneficiaries to your MTN shared Data Bundle account, and this can be achieved through the USSD menu.

To access this menu, simply dial *131*2*2# or text Add <MSISDN> <PIN> to 131.

IMPORTANT: Please take note that you can add up to 5 beneficiaries. Meaning that 5 phone numbers are the maximum you can share your data with.

Once you have added beneficiaries to your MTN sim card which has the data, will be able to share your available data bundle among the added beneficiaries by sending this message.

Share <PIN> to 131 or simply dial USSD code *131*2*3#.